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Christopher Onorato Last Updated: 08/20/16
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Summary: Photo-Illustrative Photography of Supernatural Phenomenon
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Ansel Oommen Last Updated: 01/22/17
Neighborhood: Clinton Hill
Summary: I am currently conducting research on botanical cyanotypes at the laboratory facilities of St. Joseph's College.
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Danielle Orchard Last Updated: 08/21/14
Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant
Summary: Figurative oil painting
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Judith Ornstein Last Updated: 08/27/17
Neighborhood: Red Hook
Summary: Floating forms, swells and inlets of the primordial soup are an index of moves, motions and systems, teeming with detail and patterns.
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Anna Ortiz Last Updated: 12/08/14
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Bea Ortiz Last Updated: 01/27/16
Neighborhood: Midwood
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Sono Osato Last Updated: 05/13/10
Neighborhood: Dumbo
Summary: Originating in just how far I could take "fortified" paint to the point of sculpture, I now incorporate objects that imply language directly into the surface so that the paintings are a hybrid of terrain and text.
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Dara Oshin Last Updated: 07/13/17
Neighborhood: Gowanus
Summary: Dara Oshin is a Brooklyn based interdisciplinary visual artist exploring relationships through her work that reflects observations of daily life and often embodies a narrative or conceptual component.
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Sandra J Osip Last Updated: 08/23/10
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Iris Osterman Last Updated: 09/23/11
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Karen Ostrom Last Updated: 01/01/14
Neighborhood: Prospect Lefferts Gardens
Summary: I use photography, animation, video, installation and sound to create narrative structures that invite the viewer to infer alternate narratives based on contradictory or paradoxical conditions.
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Rachel B Ostrow Last Updated: 09/19/15
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
Summary: Oil painting on panel
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Kumiko Otomo Last Updated: 05/22/12
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Julia L Ousley Last Updated: 05/25/16
Neighborhood: Fort Greene
Summary: Indoor and outdoor contemporary sculpture and installations in a wide variety of materials, but often metal or wood. Content is often around the intersection of the human condition and the built environment.
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Paula B Overbay Last Updated: 05/01/14
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Alison Owen Last Updated: 04/11/12
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Dallas G Owens Last Updated: 02/03/14
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Nick Ozgunay Last Updated: 12/07/14
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
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Laila M Ozols-Gillespie Last Updated: 05/15/14
Neighborhood: Red Hook
Summary: Site-specific , happening installations that incorporate ephemeral sculpture with photography and painting with cathartic, participatory, collaborative, destructive elements drawing on the psychology of mixing natural and urban landscapes.
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