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Christina K Cioffari Last Updated: 08/02/17
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Summary: My work focuses on the intersection of graphic design and contemporary art, correlating color theory to human psychology and our emotional states.
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James Clar Last Updated: 12/21/16
Neighborhood: Fort Greene
Summary: Media art, light and video installation.
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Jennifer M. Clark Last Updated: 04/05/12
Neighborhood: Park Slope
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Lorna Clark Last Updated: 08/06/17
Neighborhood: Park Slope
Summary: I work with clay, digital media, and photography to explore themes such as memory, time, and control.
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Donna Cleary Last Updated: 11/06/15
Neighborhood: Clinton Hill
Summary: I've reimagined fetish objects and fertility statuary using contemporary materials collected from my surroundings.
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Michael Clemow Last Updated: 11/16/15
Neighborhood: Gowanus
Summary: My work explores the politics of landscape and the periphery of lived experience using sound, images, text, and performance.
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Tim Clifford Last Updated: 10/02/16
Neighborhood: Sunset Park
Summary: Clifford’s work investigates the intersection of aesthetics and violence; he is currently at work on a group of large-scale drawings based on early 20th-century carnival shooting galleries using ink and inlaid paper.
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Shamus Clisset Last Updated: 07/16/15
Neighborhood: Park Slope
Summary: FakeShamus, Interdimensional Spirit Walker - through the portal of digital space.
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Emily Cobb Last Updated: 08/12/13
Summary: Abstractions with Flesh
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Ian Cochran Last Updated: 02/11/14
Neighborhood: Bushwick
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Julia Cocuzza Last Updated: 08/04/15
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
Summary: Art maker and prime mover, mostly. Paint pusher, primarily. I'm smitten/haunted by bright colors, broken lines, jagged perspectives, fractured light, dissipating forms, music, repetition, outmoded objects, social interaction, and so on
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Danny Coeyman Last Updated: 06/01/10
Neighborhood: Prospect Lefferts Gardens
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Rose Cofield Last Updated: 10/28/15
Summary: "A passion for exploring the possibilities and permutations of form is the motivation driving my creation of three dimensional work.
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Ann Cofta Last Updated: 08/13/17
Neighborhood: Greenpoint
Summary: Small, fabric works employ hand embroidery and beadwork to depict vintage machinery and structures associated with New York City
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sandra b cohen Last Updated: 01/22/16
Neighborhood: Park Slope
Summary: My drawings and mixed media artworks on paper emphasize, yet are not limited to, the aesthetics of organic and non-organic forms.
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Lenore Cohen Last Updated: 11/16/15
Neighborhood: Midwood
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Geoff Cohen Last Updated: 06/02/16
Neighborhood: Ditmas Park
Summary: Photographic explorer interested in urban abstraction and populist images viewed in an enhanced manner.
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Julia Colavita Last Updated: 10/31/11
Neighborhood: Bushwick
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Fernando Colón-González Last Updated: 12/21/10
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
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Cavier Coleman Last Updated: 04/19/14
Summary: "I paint with my heart and my soul! Every brush stroke means something, it's life or death for me." Cavier
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