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Wednesday H Kim
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Bushwick

ARTIST STATEMENT: I believe that a subconscious mind has unlimited potential creating diverse and creative ideas. The enjoyment of incorporating images from my sub-consciousness into my art is the main drive in my artistic voyage. Most of my works are records of my thoughts, interests, dreams and incoherent of mixture of my sub-consciousness. I connect the process of making my work with images in my sub-consciousness and, sometimes, with momentary catharsis. I use seemingly random objects such as found objects, any left over materials, fiberglass, wood, fabric, latex casts of objects, aqua rein and digital images. From digitally mediated collages to a butt-shaped drum, using ready-made objects to a basket of boobs and other video collages, my imageries are suggestive of the original Surrealist movement almost a hundred years ago, but with contemporary consequence. In The Boobboob basket; a ready-made sculpture, a big basket of boobs, I tried to portray Karl Marx’s theory of labor and values in his book called “volume one of Capital.” In the Marx’s theory, he described a person producing an object, as the relationship between a subject and external world. I bent this theory to suit my own interpretation in a dark way. A big basket of boobs represents sex as commodities, especially of women. Without any explanation, my work itself is beautiful in aesthetic. With an explanation, my work becomes disturbing. In first accident of intrusive thoughts; a video collage, I tried to express video collages on each screens as surreal paintings. Sometimes, if any object, subject or any article sent me into raptures, I become obsessed with that object or subject. Realizing this about myself, it led me to research about it and end up with eight separate video collages. Each screen represents a practice of spying on people that engages in intimate behaviors. Intrusive thoughts are unwelcome involuntary thoughts, images, or unpleasant ideas that becomes obsessions. They are difficult to manage or eliminate. In Bizarre habit and ego noise; a video installation, I delved once again deep down into the mind of modern men who are simultaneously hyper-socialized and estranged from one another. Hence awkwardness, I believe, has become a remedy for individuals in such a schizophrenic time. In installation view, eleven dinosaurs toys wonder around, making loud noises which represent ego noise. And at the corner, there is a fragile tower- stacked paper towels and a small high monkey sculpture on the top. Eleven dinosaurs toys roaming around the tower and this movement makes the viewers anxious. Video installation is set up on small dvd player and there is a mirror next to it. Watching awkward reaction of a soldier’s video and watching their own reflection in the mirror next to them lead them into an awkward situation because it is hard to avoid the mirror right in front of them. Other example of making art from obsessions in my studio, holes and tubes are interesting subject to me because they are access from one space to another, can be opening of something or closing, and outside to inside or inside to other. Though these meanings elude most of the viewers, if an artist declares that an apple is an apple, the object can only be perceived as an apple, which limits the thought process in interpreting the art sometimes. I do not wish to provide or prescribe what my work means to the viewers. My hope is to connect with the viewers’ own momentary expression as they experience the recordings of my story.

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647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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