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Wayne E Adams Last Updated: 12/19/16
I am interested in painting as a lens through which to reconcile my perception of the corporeal world with intangible notions of intense human emotion, experience and meaning. It is an understanding of art as a treatise on human nature.
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Linda Adato Last Updated: 12/10/14
Color etchings of diverse architectural images at a certain moment or time of day.
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Nikki Arendt Last Updated: 01/03/17
I am interested in our bodies, their weight, the actual corporeal feeling of them, our denial of them, hybridity, sexuality. I am interested in religious and ceremonial aesthetics and symbolism- how we as humans make sense of ourselves.
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LOUISA ARMBRUST Last Updated: 07/17/17
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Isabel Barber Last Updated: 05/09/14
I paint people.
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Emily K. Berger Last Updated: 07/21/12
Abstract paintings in oil on wood or linen and ink on paper, grid based, layered, evidence of process, incorporating gesture and geometry.
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Sarah E Brook Last Updated: 03/23/16
Sarah E. Brook builds relief sculptures and installations using sandpaper and canvas.
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Tegan M. Brozyna Last Updated: 09/20/16
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Derek Buckner Last Updated: 08/14/14
Derek Buckner's works are simultaneously beautiful and comforting yet somehow constricting and claustrophobic in their voluptuousness
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Joseph Burchfield Last Updated: 08/25/17
Drawing with color.
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Sue Burickson Last Updated: 11/25/14
Sculpture with Embedded Video
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Steven Ceraso Last Updated: 04/15/14
Sculpture and object based works using a variety of fabricated components and found materials.
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Michael Clemow Last Updated: 11/16/15
My work explores the politics of landscape and the periphery of lived experience using sound, images, text, and performance.
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Juliette Conroy Last Updated: 09/08/12
As a photographic artist I use the camera not to faithfully record the subject, but rather to create a distortion, resulting in an image that is as much about feeling as seeing.
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Ben Coonley Last Updated: 01/08/14
Video, electronic media and performance artist.
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Joan Di Lieto Last Updated: 12/22/16
Human decisions in metaphysical landscapes.
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Jonathan H Elliott Last Updated: 09/14/15
abstract landscapes; photographs; sound works--electronic compositions and vocal and instrumental chamber works
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Julia Elsas Last Updated: 02/12/12
As a mixed-media artist, I am continually moving between concepts, materials, and processes such as sewing, printmaking, sculpture, and collage-making. My work examines voyeurism, tension, body language, and mimicry in social interaction.
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Janice Everett Last Updated: 08/04/17
I create digital montages using original photographs that play with the relationship between urban landscape and nature.
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Jacob Farber Last Updated: 10/20/15
Currently I am exploring the relationship between scrap / trash wood in NYC and the idea usefelness via sculpture.
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