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Mark Joseph Gens Last Updated: 07/15/17
Our power as makers, viewers, writers, and readers in the current technological age is made clear in the ways we access, re-contextualize, re-propose, re-imagine, and re-format information.
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Elizabeth Gilfilen Last Updated: 01/11/18
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Marco Guglielmino Last Updated: 02/22/17
Marco Guglielmino is an interdisciplinary artist drawn to color, he has been working with neon, creating sculptures that tell stories of shape, balance and proportion in a modern and sensual way.
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Philippe Halaburda Last Updated: 12/23/15
My art revolves around the great universal themes of love, art, beauty, and death.I see them as a springboard for the imagination.
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Mariel Harari Last Updated: 05/19/12
Sensory oriented self portraits as objects that juxtapose home and the internal language paradox
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Callie Hirsch Last Updated: 12/20/16
I wish to entice the viewer, to capture their attention and draw them in. To bring magical to the everyday. Callie Danae Hirsch.
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Sarah Hollars Last Updated: 01/24/15
Through paint and sculpture I explore how history can be perceived as deeply personal and at the same time wildly public. Through the juxtaposition of personal and the general deeper meanings are exposed and a new realities realized.
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Elizabeth Jordan Last Updated: 06/20/15
Working primarily in sculpture, Elizabeth Jordan combines ordinary industrial and found objects with unique hand-made processes, producing works that exhibit the transitory nature of life.
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Valdes Juana Last Updated: 07/31/13
My work ranges from sculptures to installations using hand-crafted works of fabric, ceramic, photography, or video projections. My work uses everyday objects to form aesthetic connections within history, memory,and personal experiences.
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Erin Juliana Last Updated: 07/30/17
A multidisciplinary artist and educator working in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.
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Sue Julien Last Updated: 07/27/17
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Chris Kannen Last Updated: 11/13/10
My recent paintings have a science background. They are imaginary commissions for a research facility, at home with the dataloggers and spectrometers, outdated styles and big ideas.
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Nathan Kensinger Last Updated: 07/09/14
Nathan Kensinger is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores hidden urban landscapes, off-limits structures, environmental disaster zones and other liminal spaces.
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Songyi M Kim Last Updated: 09/20/10
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Rachel Klinghoffer Last Updated: 12/24/14
Methodically, meditatively, obsessively, carefully, at times carelessly but always vehemently, I make and remake.
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Nikolina Kovalenko Last Updated: 10/18/15
I explore our identities and what we ultimately forfeit in order to blend into the social standards around us.
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Rita Leduc Last Updated: 06/18/17
Leduc utilizes both two and three dimensions in her work, collaborating with chosen locations in search of a site’s sensorial fingerprint.
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Chandle Lee Last Updated: 07/11/17
CHANDLE LEE paintings explore the anxieties and tensions of our time: inequality, racial & gender bias, and immigration issues.
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Aleya Lehmann Bench Last Updated: 01/10/18
Painter turned photographer, with a creative practice focused on themes around theatre, circus, pageantry.
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Christina Massey Last Updated: 09/23/17
Christina Massey’s work teeters of the edge of both painting and sculpture. Her work indulges the senses with an overload of aesthetic qualities like textures, color, form and pattern.
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