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Michael Watson Last Updated: 11/25/16
Mixed media, installation and performance using rice to represent an unconstrained body.
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James Brendan Williams Last Updated: 01/28/14
Composed of industrial and found materials, the uncanny installations of James Brendan Williams evoke common, yet rarely noticed, components of the built environment.
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Sarah K Williams Last Updated: 12/05/16
Intricate large-scale sculptures drawing inspiration from theater, dance and opera.
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Matthew C Wilson Last Updated: 11/13/15
Matthew C. Wilson is an artist working in a variety of media including installation, sculpture, video, and site specific action; his work distills constellations extracted from entwined natural, historical, cultural, and economic process.
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Matthew Wilson Last Updated: 10/21/12
I tend to repeat myself.
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Audra Wolowiec Last Updated: 08/25/13
Through sculpture, sound, text and performance, Audra Wolowiec’s interdisciplinary work mines themes of communication and modes of exchange.
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Jennifer Woolcock Schwartz Last Updated: 06/03/10
My paintings and work on paper are playful and abstract; my installations are satirical and sometimes surrealistic.
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Tansy Xiao Last Updated: 02/09/17
New media artist working with retro found objects.
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Etty Yaniv Last Updated: 07/01/16
My process-based installation work depicts abstracted landscapes which allude to urgent global issues ranging from the fragility of our Eco system to the current refugee crisis.
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King Yan Fina Fina Yeung Last Updated: 05/08/16
I work with mixed media painting, photography, film and installation. I use materials such as cardboard and paper to construct architectural forms. I also experiment on film and sound with my installation work.
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Hyojin Yoo Last Updated: 08/14/15
My work begins with the awareness that concepts can only be understood if enacted in real time, with direct body involvement, and through the consensus of shared experience. Bringing everyday invisibles to visible experiences.
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Ward M Yoshimoto Last Updated: 11/22/15
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Jade Yumang Last Updated: 02/26/16
My work focuses on what queer form looks like through the visual strategy of sculptural abstraction and performance in relation to beauty, camp, and post-AIDS ethos.
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Frank Zadlo Last Updated: 08/09/12
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Rita F Zambori Last Updated: 03/04/15
My video and installation work focuses on performance and the mind as it explores notions of self- identity within the context of the soul or psyche.
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Stella Zhong Last Updated: 11/13/16
I work with space and senses.
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Natalia A Zubko Last Updated: 04/09/14
Site-Responsive, Transformative Environments/Installations, Small Sculptures, Collages/Drawings
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Osiris Zuniga Last Updated: 01/13/15
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FIROZ MAHMUD [fee`rose] Last Updated: 07/25/11
Firoz Mahmud works on wide range of media including installation, Layapa Art (a Bangladeshi stencil technique), Urgency of Proximate Drawing (NinKI: UoPD), text, video and photographs which are based on Bangladeshi socio-political cult
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