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Nina Hellman Last Updated: 09/24/10
I am a Licensed Creative Arts therapist working in a n inner city hospital,with varies psychiatric and substance abuse clientele.
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Dahn Hiuni Last Updated: 08/05/15
Multimedia artist
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Maeve M. Hogan Last Updated: 01/26/16
An artist and a scholar, my work is both physical and conceptual, dealing with memory, identity, process and traditional women's work. My most recent work are process based experiments in drawing in textile, stitches replacing ink.
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Jamie Holder Last Updated: 07/02/17
My oil paintings reflect my fascination for pulp fiction covers and my film noir view of NYC, it intends to capture the mood and beauty of a particular moment in time that I find appealing to my eyes as well as to my emotions.
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Frederick Christian Holmes Last Updated: 08/16/16
abstract minimalist black and white
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YK Hong Last Updated: 11/06/15
Addressing issues of identity, race, advertising, mindfulness and migration, melding techniques and materials from traditional Korean techniques and contemporary experimental practices.
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Christine Howard Sandoval Last Updated: 12/02/16
Christine Howard Sandoval is a multi- media artist who challenges the boundaries of representation, access, and habitation through the use of performance, video, and sculpture.
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Jean P Icart-pierre Last Updated: 09/15/15
I draw, paint, use collage and use actual objects related to subject directly on the painting. I combine mediums such as oil paint, spray paint and objects such as ropes, lights and police barricades to create particular emotions
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Tenjin Ikeda Last Updated: 05/22/10
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Jamal Ince Last Updated: 01/05/15
Color and pattern are like layers of thought and emotion likened to musical phrasings, cadences, crescendos, and themes and variations. I am a colorist
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Tony James Last Updated: 01/21/15
Abstract expressionism & conceptual art. Whatever image is conceived in my head is expressed through my heart & hands.
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Parris Jaru Last Updated: 08/02/15
Painting with Plant-Pigment-Powder reminds me that nature is the purest example of artistic perfection and composition open to interpretation for all, with this understanding I am able to open communication with the energies of nature.
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Atiya A Jones Last Updated: 02/05/16
Illustrative and highly detailed abstract imagery, informed by chance, biology and the female experience.
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Isabelle Jusseaume Last Updated: 08/03/15
Isabelle Jusseaume (b. In Limoges, France in 1986) is a Brooklyn-based artist interested in the appropriation of images and culture as well as the idea of collective memory vs. personal feelings.
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Sarah K Kaufman Last Updated: 07/13/10
color photography
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Chanel J Kennebrew Last Updated: 12/07/16
This new work comprised of 3D collage, mixed media illustrations as well as had cut paper, and installations. Through these mixed media work she uses hand cutting and stacking to explore peeling back layers in terms of society’s history, power and tre
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Suzanne Kiggins Last Updated: 09/10/17
Contemporary folk art exploring consciousness, dreamlife, internal landscapes, reality, origins.
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Sara S Klar Last Updated: 01/27/16
Patterns, permutations, consciousness, the choice not to be of my tribe, confronting me on Koscuiszko where I live now, one block from DeKalb where my Father chose to be Fundamentalist Jewish, my Black neighbors. This is my subject mat
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Kate Kosek Last Updated: 08/07/17
Psychedelic Geometry.
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Julie Kamlesh Kumar Last Updated: 03/11/14
I create compositions in time with computer programs and electronics, build immersive environments that are activated by projected and natural light, and intervene on materials that erode, drip, melt, evaporate, break apart, or float away.
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