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Melanie Fischer Last Updated: 01/05/17
Through my work I question and play with human's relationship with "the Natural".
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Scott H Fitzgerald Last Updated: 08/17/15
Artist, educator, researcher.
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Carson Fox Last Updated: 01/06/15
I look for beauty that exists in tension between nature and artifice, the awe of visual spectacle, and humanityís desire to bridle nature and time.
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Ryan M Frank Last Updated: 12/08/16
Photo-based sculpture and installation, exploring landscape and the experiential nature of photography.
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Nicholas Fraser Last Updated: 01/26/17
Site-specific text installations in highly ephemeral materials. Videos mapping the un-mappable. Mail-art collaborations with strangers. A fascination with our irrepressible compulsion to connect and communicate.
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Xiao Fu Last Updated: 12/11/14
In my work I minimize the cityscape to simple geometric forms to present how I see the urban environment and the relationship between its people, its spaces, and its structures.
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Mayuko Fujino Last Updated: 12/07/17
Combining the traditional method of paper cut-out and contemporary collage style
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Stephen Galiczynski Last Updated: 05/14/14
My pencil sketches are smaller and detailed. My abstracts are large, colorful and open to interpretation.
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Sophie Gamand Last Updated: 07/25/17
Art inspired by shelter dogs (in particular pit bulls).
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Isabelle Garbani Last Updated: 01/29/14
I work in mixed media, using feminine crafts such as knitting, crochet and lace with recycled materials, thematically focusing on the cultural significance of technology.
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Iliana emilia Garcia Last Updated: 11/19/15
My work is about the emotional history of symbols we keep. Itís not about their geography, but the landscapes we come from and that we unconsciously keep with us through crossroads. I intend these icons to tell history and to remember i
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Julien Gardair Last Updated: 06/08/15
Julien Gardair is know for the variety of his practice, from site specific cutout and video installations to paintings and book cutouts.
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Alicja Gaskon Last Updated: 11/28/17
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Randy Gibson Last Updated: 11/28/16
Randy Gibson is a composer, installation artist, and performer based in Brooklyn, NY working with structure, pure sound, and immersive environments to create work that highlights and expands the perception of time.
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Erin Gleason Last Updated: 07/13/17
Drawing from the fields of philosophy, architecture, and design, my artworks critically and playfully challenge our relationship to measured space and time versus our experience of it.
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Melissa Godoy Nieto Last Updated: 09/17/15
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Alex Rachel Goldberg Last Updated: 11/16/16
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Janet Goldner Last Updated: 10/26/15
Janet Goldner is an artist whose work explores culture, identity and social justice. She works in various media: sculpture, photography, video, installation and writing.
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Risha Gorig Last Updated: 04/11/11
I am a multi media artist. My work is kinetic and i have the wind,the sun and other elements play a role in my work. I also do 3 dimensional video projections that requires a whole room. There is an element of fragility in my work .
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Daniel Greenfield-Campoverde Last Updated: 10/27/15
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