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Jane Greengold Last Updated: 10/14/13
I create site-specific temporary and permanent public installations; abstract paintings; movable, malleable sculpture/paintings; and conceptual studio projects.
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Katya Grokhovsky Last Updated: 07/26/17
My work deals with alienation, gender politics and identity through a displaced female body. Acting as a transcendental device, the body is a tool in various mediums, such as performance and sculpture, video, installation and drawing.
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Melody GUINI Last Updated: 07/21/17
Portrait paintings interacting with abstract space.
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Dalit Gurevich Last Updated: 08/09/17
Dalit Gurevich is a mix media artist. She uses multiple techniques and integrates in her artwork acrylic paints, video footage, embroidery, knitting, text, and found materials.
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Michele R Gutlove Last Updated: 01/19/15
As an architect and an artist, I create glass installations, which transform space, as the light and the angle of view change.
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Theresa Hackett Last Updated: 04/02/14
My knowledge of mixology, the years of experimentation with paint, color, texture and the unsayable desire of the unpredictable that leads us to the rest, the pause of the resolve of the unexpected.
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Valerie Hallier Last Updated: 05/12/10
Using multiple media from the net to site installation, my work is conceptual and project based. It aspires to render the systems and patterns that describe a contemporary character in turn intimately technological and systematically human.
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Mariel Harari Last Updated: 05/19/12
Sensory oriented self portraits as objects that juxtapose home and the internal language paradox
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Heather Hart Last Updated: 09/11/10
Interactive installations based on perception and identity.
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Gail Heidel Last Updated: 02/04/17
Gail Heidel is an Artist, Arts Administrator, Curator and Educator who engages with the culture and history of NYC to activate communities with multi-disciplinary public art and educational projects.
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Lisa Hein Last Updated: 07/23/16
Found-object sculpture and installations; site projects in collaboration with Robert Seng.
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Chelsea Herman Last Updated: 05/15/14
Cellular Sweep explores the aesthetic of the spill and the splatter through 8 channels of colorful HD projection.
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Yasmin Hernandez Last Updated: 08/15/11
Using materials and palettes informed by my cultural and spiritual heritage, my paintings and installations chronicle the hidden histories of marginalized communities and affirm the continued quest for human liberation.
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Eileen Hoffman Last Updated: 01/02/17
Using non-traditional materials like chenille pipe cleaners and plastic, as opposed to standard textile materials, I am placing myself outside of traditional textile work and making the undervalued and unseen culture of women’s work vis
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YK Hong Last Updated: 11/06/15
Addressing issues of identity, race, advertising, mindfulness and migration, melding techniques and materials from traditional Korean techniques and contemporary experimental practices.
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Yiji Hong Last Updated: 03/12/13
My works conceptually encompasses ideas of mortality, memory and longing and I hope it is balanced someplace between the poetic and the rational.
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Quang Hong Last Updated: 09/22/15
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Ginny Huo Last Updated: 12/08/16
I use mixed media to reconstruct personal narratives and cultural modern myths dictated in a system of communication through re-imagined collaboration and play.
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Kiyoshi Ike Last Updated: 02/14/15
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Mikhail Iliatov Last Updated: 04/27/11
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