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Meagan J. Meehan Last Updated: 03/02/17
I am an abstract artist whose work is bright and colorful. My work aims to combat the darkness and negativity in the world by showcasing cheerfulness, playfulness, creativity and imagination.
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Lawrence F Mesich Last Updated: 07/16/15
Lawrence Mesich's media work explores moments when bodies and buildings intersect, and their political and social effects. He uses corporate aesthetics and dry wit to frame these subjects as both singular entities and complex systems.
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Matt Mignanelli Last Updated: 06/25/12
My paintings explore the relationship between structure and nature, which I relay through the use of gradating light and structural elements to create new undefined and visually complex environments.
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Michael Robert Miller Last Updated: 09/17/12
My paintings are explorations of imagery and emotion, I attempt to make something recognizable or quotidian become radiant. Figures in the work might be abstracted, I don't distort images. Rather, I depict them as life itself distorted
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Aaron Miller Last Updated: 02/07/14
My artistic research is best described as a social inquiry into class-consciousness. My work links two disparate worlds; the mining industries of Wyoming and the sophistication of the 19th century upper classes.
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Jimmy Miracle Last Updated: 05/18/10
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Grace Moon Last Updated: 08/11/16
painter. writer.
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James Moore Last Updated: 08/09/14
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Jayanthi Moorthy Last Updated: 08/18/14
Asian artist working with spices on the floor, paintings on canvas and media installations inspired by Indian culture
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Joel Morrison Last Updated: 08/11/12
I re-appropriate peoples trash into collages that speak both of the detritus of our modern age and about their identity as viewed through the lens of their waste.
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Shane P Morrissey Last Updated: 12/21/14
I use dialectic relationships between objects and an implied absence to create installations about memory.
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Lorraine Nam Last Updated: 10/23/12
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Joe Nanashe Last Updated: 08/01/14
My work is an exploration of control, language, violence, media, death, and the humor inherent in all of it.
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Sophia Narrett Last Updated: 12/27/16
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Tiasia OBrien Last Updated: 04/07/15
Surreal Manipulation Photography was a series created in 2008 juxtaposing normal images against the sharp contrast of one's imagination. The result was a group of surreal images, that bring dreams and nightmares to reality.
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Sui Park Last Updated: 12/14/14
My work involves creating 3-dimensional flexible organic forms of a comfortable ambiance that is yet dynamic and possibly mystical or illusionary.
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Joey Parlett Last Updated: 12/16/14
Ink and colored pencil drawings
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Ryan A Peltier Last Updated: 10/21/12
My work is a mixture of elements. On the one hand it is a conversation with others working now and getting influences to respond to and on the other it is the traditional practice of just working with the materials.
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Liesl Pfeffer Last Updated: 01/23/15
I create seductive yet visceral experiments in photo-media collage, watercolor painting and yarn- based assemblage which express a playful curiosity about the world we inhabit.
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Nico K Phillips Last Updated: 02/03/11
Abstract dreams built from paint, glitter and found objects.
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