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Annie B. Varnot Last Updated: 01/18/14
I accumulate discarded objects and nontraditional materials, transforming them through painstaking methods into sculptures and installations. Both material and process are significant to the content of my work.
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Jeanne Verdoux Last Updated: 12/20/16
I am a visual artist. My interest is observing and representing people in specific time and place. Drawing is my main tool.
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Sam Vernon Last Updated: 06/17/10
how ghosts sleep, a collection of drawings, collages & installations
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Joshua A Walters Last Updated: 08/01/17
I paint! Oils and acrylics. One might call my work suggestive, figurative, narrative, or surreal-ish. My subjects are meant to bridge conceptual gaps through metaphor, comment on modern culture, and hopefully cause the viewer to reflect
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Janice Wood Wetzel Last Updated: 10/03/17
My photography reflects my respect for the dignity and worth of the world's people, their ethnicity and design inherent in their cultures.
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Sha-Nee Williams Last Updated: 12/12/17
My work showcases being in a fantasy world.
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Grey Williamson Last Updated: 07/25/10
Our objective is to offer creative properties that push the envelope of standard media fare into an artistically dangerous realm with controversial and unusually thought-provoking content.
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Shana Wolfe Last Updated: 02/25/17
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Lindsey A Wolkowicz Last Updated: 01/26/16
Through drawing, performance installation, and constructed objects, my work explores the ways we build and occupy space through memory, perspective, relationship and psycho-dynamics.
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Hyojin Yoo Last Updated: 08/14/15
My work begins with the awareness that concepts can only be understood if enacted in real time, with direct body involvement, and through the consensus of shared experience. Bringing everyday invisibles to visible experiences.
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Stefania Zamparelli Last Updated: 10/02/15
I feel the urge to subvert the common place that the world is divided. When I look through the lens nothing but what I'm framing exists or, at least, that's my goal.
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Stella Zhong Last Updated: 11/13/16
I work with space and senses.
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