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Stephanie Kiah Last Updated: 01/30/15
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Henry Kielmanowicz Last Updated: 04/17/14
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Manfred Kielnhofer Last Updated: 07/08/16
Summary: “Guardians of Time” relates to the idea that since the beginning of time mankind has had protectors, both for historic and mystical reasons. It seems that only man himself is a potential source of danger for his own existence. In his works
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Christopher Kienke Last Updated: 02/08/15
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Adam Kiger Last Updated: 09/19/13
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Suzanne Kiggins Last Updated: 09/10/17
Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant
Summary: Contemporary folk art exploring consciousness, dreamlife, internal landscapes, reality, origins.
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June Kim Last Updated: 06/18/10
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Summary: Photography
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Sky Kim Last Updated: 07/25/17
Summary: A scroll series of watercolor painting and marker drawing
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Soo Kim Last Updated: 07/31/10
Neighborhood: Dumbo
Summary: Paintings and Drawings
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Songyi M Kim Last Updated: 09/20/10
Neighborhood: Sunset Park
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Grace Kim Last Updated: 05/15/14
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Summary: in search of lost time..
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Kyeom Kim Last Updated: 12/04/14
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Wednesday H Kim Last Updated: 12/27/14
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Summary: Video and sculpture
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KIYA KIM Last Updated: 12/28/14
Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens
Summary: I have developed multi media work as Collage, Mixed media, Jewelry, Fashion, etc. These are relative all of my sensibility and looks big one universe.
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Jayce M Kim Last Updated: 01/05/17
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
Summary: Oil paintings and water colors, still trying to paint beautiful pictures inspired by music, beautiful women and places.
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Yongjae Kim Last Updated: 08/21/17
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Lacey Kim Last Updated: 04/02/18
Summary: My work features the language of lines, which is a means of expressing my freedom. The line represents something that exists not in just one field but extends infinitely. Colors interact freely and create unexpected forms.
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Justin B Kinard Last Updated: 12/22/17
Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights
Summary: Photographer | Programmer | Game Designer Pragmatic individual mostly concerned with everything dark and surreal
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M L Kincheloe Last Updated: 05/15/14
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
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Anki King Last Updated: 05/19/10
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Summary: Expressionistic figure based oil paintings heavily painted in muted colors.
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