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Chris Lowery Last Updated: 01/06/15
Neighborhood: Windsor Terrace
Summary: I am obsessive compulsive and draw constantly: on rolodex cards, 5 x 8 plain index cards (folded in half), and pocket sized scraps of paper; this impulse has led to an entire body of art exploring my daily experience in the workplace.
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Asuncion Lozano Last Updated: 07/09/19
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
Summary: My multidisciplinary work covers painting, sculpture, installations, photography and video. Methodical and interested in classification systems, I’ve organised my work in series and differentiated groups of works which have arisen dur
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Mal Luber Last Updated: 06/30/13
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Jenna Lucente Last Updated: 05/13/10
Summary: Horses run, dogs sleep, and birds soar in the sky, all the while our environment is ever changing.
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Monique Luchetti Last Updated: 01/06/15
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
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Richard Lund Last Updated: 11/02/15
Neighborhood: Coney Island
Summary: I create wall-hung assemblage pieces using everyday materials and found objects.
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Joan Lurie Last Updated: 05/15/14
Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens
Summary: ceramic sculpture
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Chrissy Lush Last Updated: 12/19/16
Neighborhood: Park Slope
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Matthew Lusk Last Updated: 08/07/12
Neighborhood: Gowanus
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Laura Joy Lustig Last Updated: 06/27/10
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Hannah Lutz Winkler Last Updated: 03/13/19
Neighborhood: Clinton Hill
Summary: Work in installation, painting, sculpture and video with a conceptual focus on color obsession.
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Elena Lyakir Last Updated: 04/06/16
Neighborhood: Greenpoint
Summary: Through the medium of photography I examine my desire to understand how emotions and memories are trapped inside photographs, representing reality in symbols. I am interested in creating art that is intimate, visceral, and emotive.
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Rene Lynch Last Updated: 04/01/18
Neighborhood: Boerum Hill
Summary: All of my work comes from a feminist perspective and attempts to define, through metaphor, a truth about the pain and beauty of the female experience.
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Cara Lynch Last Updated: 07/14/17
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Kathryn G. Lynch Last Updated: 02/22/16
Neighborhood: Red Hook
Summary: I am recording the passing of time with paint.
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Darcy Lynn Last Updated: 12/21/14
Summary: I work in oil on canvas or gouache on paper and I mostly paint landscapes, places I have traveled and portraits.
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