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Andy Polefrone Last Updated: 04/13/14
Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant
Summary: Paintings, sculpture and installations focused on human ecology.
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Carrie Pollack Last Updated: 08/10/10
Neighborhood: Greenpoint
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Chris Pontbriant Last Updated: 02/10/14
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Rachel Pontious Last Updated: 12/02/14
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Summary: Rachel Pontious makes paintings, drawings, and prints to investigate familial relationships, transgenerational inheritance, and personal mythologies.
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Michael Popov Last Updated: 01/22/14
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Ekaterina S Popova Last Updated: 07/08/10
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Francesco Porcino Last Updated: 11/05/17
Neighborhood: Borough Park
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Rob Porta Last Updated: 04/12/15
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
Summary: I'm a filmmaker, musician, graphic artist and sometimes a photographer. I'm currently working on a web series about online dating. My next project is about Brooklyn, and I'll need a lot of help.
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Donna Powers Last Updated: 10/27/15
Neighborhood: Park Slope
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Joseph B Pravda Last Updated: 03/06/18
Neighborhood: Downtown Brooklyn
Summary: His work's been paged, framed, screened and staged.
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Praxes Last Updated: 03/12/19
Neighborhood: Clinton Hill
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James L. Prez Last Updated: 12/30/14
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Summary: I make little sculptures, assemblages, collages, paintings, mixed-media work, photographs, drawings and bookmarks.
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Courtney Priester Last Updated: 11/21/15
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Julia Primus Last Updated: 08/15/17
Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant
Summary: Mixed Media & Colorist Artists "Art is the material evidence that reminds us of the wealth of our culture - of who we are".
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James A Proctor Last Updated: 02/16/16
Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens
Summary: James Proctor is a software artist and data visualization designer.
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Associated Artists for Propaganda Research Last Updated: 11/21/13
Summary: The Associated Artists for Propaganda Research has at its roots a critique of the political and economical disinformation distributed by those intent on protecting invested interests.
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Anthony Ptak Last Updated: 07/28/10
Neighborhood: Dumbo
Summary: Bridging distance. Avoiding. Elusive. System driven.
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Courtney Puckett Last Updated: 06/16/15
Neighborhood: Windsor Terrace
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Elisabeth Page Purcell Last Updated: 01/28/12
Neighborhood: Park Slope
Summary: Abstract and figurative sculpture carved of stone and marble
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Lovina Purple Last Updated: 07/15/11
Neighborhood: Prospect Heights
Summary: Abstract, hand sewn paintings on global environmental and political topics
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