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Larry Racioppo Last Updated: 10/05/12
Neighborhood: Sunset Park
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Nancy Radloff Last Updated: 02/22/17
Neighborhood: Dumbo
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Carol B. Radsprecher Last Updated: 02/17/18
Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights
Summary: My current bodies of work are: oil paintings on canvas; drawings in Photoshop (limited-edition, of 25, inkjet prints; ink-and-acrylic on Claybord(TM).
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Carol B Radsprecher Last Updated: 11/28/20
Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights
Summary: Digital prints of distorted female figures in complicated situations.
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Will Rahilly Last Updated: 06/28/15
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Summary: Will Rahilly is a multimedia artist who makes installations involving analogue phenomenon, photographs that contain objects without function, and videos dense with color and sound. He is based in New York City.
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Michael Rain Last Updated: 11/22/15
Neighborhood: Fort Greene
Summary: Michael Rain communicates ideas through written and visual stories. His topic interests include design and technology and their relationship to culture as well as expanding the perception of people of color.
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Bonnie M Ralston Last Updated: 12/01/20
Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens
Summary: Bonnie Ralston is a visual artist who works in clay and on paper. Her art is process-driven, and serves as the record of her inquiry into personal themes of identity, loss, and transformation.
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Sahana Ramakrishnan Last Updated: 12/07/16
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Summary: My work is an exploration of a lonely world in which an individual's spiritual and sexual narratives are guided and scrutinized by animal hybrids and mythical beasts.
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Naomi Elena Ramirez Last Updated: 01/14/16
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Summary: experimental graphic scores for dance
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Naomi Elena Ramirez Last Updated: 02/12/14
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Jessica Ramirez Last Updated: 10/30/16
Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant
Summary: Sculptor and digital artist.
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Roni S Ramos Last Updated: 04/11/18
Neighborhood: Prospect Heights
Summary: I am an abstract painter in love with color. Always, I seek to have the light shine through.
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Jenna Ransom Last Updated: 01/10/17
Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant
Summary: Drawing and painting.
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Robert Raphael Last Updated: 07/13/17
Neighborhood: Greenpoint
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Molly Rapp Last Updated: 10/26/14
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Summary: Sculptural works with paper & metal
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Boris Rasin Last Updated: 03/07/11
Neighborhood: Midwood
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Joseph B. Raskin Last Updated: 09/03/10
Neighborhood: Cobble Hill
Summary: I've taken these photographs mostly during my wanderings through New York City.
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Christine Rath Selhi Last Updated: 09/14/11
Neighborhood: Clinton Hill
Summary: I am a pet portraitist by trade. I paint animals for the people who love them.
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Birgit Rathsmann Last Updated: 07/19/20
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Kevin Aldo Rausch Last Updated: 01/04/18
Summary: Open for Collaboration,,, Painting,Sculpture,Film,Music ART WHAT ELSE
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