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Ghislaine Sabiti Last Updated: 12/20/16
Summary: Her experiences of inter and cross-continental migrations developed her sensibility to cross- interculturalism and to a plurality of language which she explores in her interest to sew and paint different cultures, everyday people, live m
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Nadia Sablin Last Updated: 03/07/13
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Theodora Sacknoff Last Updated: 03/09/16
Neighborhood: Windsor Terrace
Summary: Birds in realist style on pop art background. Acrylic on canvas and acrylic on board. 8x10 canvas and 16x20x1 5/8 board.
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Federico Saenz recio Last Updated: 12/31/12
Neighborhood: Greenpoint
Summary: My work explores the basics and investigates the coexistence of nature and human structures referencing visually indigenous shapes, modern houses and street graffiti, and conceptually interested in the juxtaposition of these three worlds.
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Naomi R Safran-Hon Last Updated: 06/21/18
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
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Yuki Sakaguchi Last Updated: 10/31/15
Neighborhood: Fort Greene
Summary: For me, Art is conversation with God. My art theme is " Art For Reminding Miracles In Our Lives." I always try to create something that represent miraculous moments, because the greatest happiness is to know the miracle when it happens.
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Farideh Sakhaeifar Last Updated: 07/11/17
Neighborhood: Flatbush
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Carolyn Salas Last Updated: 10/25/10
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
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Vincent J. Salas Last Updated: 01/03/15
Neighborhood: Flatbush
Summary: My art represents my spirituality, comes from my soul and my mind.
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Sepideh Salehi Last Updated: 03/22/17
Neighborhood: Clinton Hill
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MARIASUN SALGADO Last Updated: 08/07/13
Summary: My graphical works is characterized by the representation of the conflicts which are generated between architecture and its environments, specifically those being derived from the urban massification and the concept of hyperdensity.
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Carol Salmanson Last Updated: 03/26/18
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Summary: Carol Salmanson is an artist working with light and reflective materials.
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Robert J Salmieri Last Updated: 03/27/15
Neighborhood: Prospect Lefferts Gardens
Summary: My paintings are visual metaphors of my everyday life. In that way they are like visual poems.
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Jenna Salvagin Last Updated: 02/03/11
Neighborhood: Park Slope
Summary: Anomalous light play reflects on the supposed paranormal activity of a haunted house.
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Meryl Salzinger Last Updated: 11/02/15
Neighborhood: Downtown Brooklyn
Summary: My photographs are grounded abstractions of landscapes distilling the mood and meaning of a scene; using unorthodox printing surfaces allows physical form and light to communicate meaning, leaving the subject matter only a vague suggestion.
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Triada Samaras Last Updated: 07/30/17
Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens
Summary: I am an interdisciplinary artist, poet and activist of Greek ancestry whose art practice investigates: human identity, human body, human voice, house/home, and environment.
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Judith Samper Albero Last Updated: 03/18/19
Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant
Summary: I am a multidisciplinary artist using paint, photography and video to express myself. I’ve been developing my career the past three years in virtual and augmented reality.
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Carlo Sampietro Last Updated: 01/18/13
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Summary: I am a mixed media artist working to heighten cultural issues: landscape evolution, human preconceptions, use of natural resources, similarities and differences between societies, cultures, and cities.
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Nancy C Sampson Last Updated: 12/19/14
Neighborhood: Park Slope
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Janie B Samuels Last Updated: 12/01/17
Summary: My work is political and personal, universal and intimate. I am interested in how color, pattern, line and form break down abstractly and how I can manipulate them to create cohesive expressive qualities, such as rhythm and movement.
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