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Sharon Stokes Last Updated: 01/09/17
Summary: My name is Sharon Stokes. I am a digital illustrator/graphic artist who specializes in character design. My work celebrates people of color and cartoons.
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Randall Stoltzfus Last Updated: 12/24/19
Neighborhood: Dumbo
Summary: I am trying to make images that communicate that each of us is a part of something bigger. That we are cooperating whether we know it or not. And that light surrounds each one of us and whatever this is we are a part of.
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Audrey Stone Last Updated: 10/20/10
Neighborhood: Windsor Terrace
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Elliot J Storey Last Updated: 12/15/14
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Summary: Primarily a filmmaker but during the process of developing a film I make performance sculptures, photographies, drawings, archival process that shall be included in the final film or shall at least help construct the narration.
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Linda Striedieck Last Updated: 08/01/12
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Suzanne Kathaleen Stroebe Last Updated: 02/08/16
Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant
Summary: Influenced by science, math, and sacred geometry, Suzanne Stroebe creates vibrantly patterned drawings, paintings, prints and sculptures.
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Colin P Strohm Last Updated: 01/27/17
Neighborhood: Sunset Park
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Elke Reva Sudin Last Updated: 11/25/11
Neighborhood: Boerum Hill
Summary: My work is influenced by the urban ecosystem and my Jewish heritage.
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Pablo R Suepat Last Updated: 07/05/10
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Katherine Sullivan Last Updated: 07/31/13
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Summary: Explorations and abstractions of power dynamics and the impact on the body.
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Phyllis Kudder Sullivan Last Updated: 12/06/16
Neighborhood: Fort Greene
Summary: Interlaced double-walled ceramic structures relate to the mysterious nature of the vortex and, without any indication of a beginning or end, echo the possibilities of the infinite
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Holly Sumner Last Updated: 01/08/12
Neighborhood: Red Hook
Summary: Scientific texts, natural history compendiums and field guides of every sort are the sources of my imagery and inform the structure, composition and color of my drawings and paintings.
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Ines Sun Last Updated: 12/20/16
Neighborhood: Greenpoint
Summary: I paint to connect and nurture the soul.
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Sara Sun Last Updated: 04/27/16
Neighborhood: Greenpoint
Summary: Sara's multidisciplinary work includes video with sound, installation, digital image and drawing. Her work has been included in numerous shows and screenings nationally and internationally since the late 80's.
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Paul Sunday Last Updated: 12/16/12
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Kreerath Sunittramat Last Updated: 03/26/13
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Summary: Kreerath Sunittramat or Donut is a Thai born artist and photographer who is based in Brooklyn, New York. Currently he is a student in Master of Fine Art Program in Photography at Parson The New School For Design.
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Jean-Marc Superville Sovak Last Updated: 07/13/10
Summary: What would Carl Andre do if he were part black? Or Ed Ruscha if he were raised bilingual? The challenge of colliding the personal-is-political discourse with the legacy of conceptual and minimalist art practices is what motivates me.
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Melissa Sutherland Last Updated: 11/15/15
Neighborhood: Brownsville
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Miho Suzuki Last Updated: 03/14/14
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Summary: My work employs the camera’s potential to generate physical and temporal space parallel to an event and, effectively, place recollection on top of an unfolding moment in the present.
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Eliza Swann Last Updated: 02/10/15
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