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Seth A Scantlen Last Updated: 07/09/10
Neighborhood: Park Slope
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Maria Scarpini Last Updated: 09/16/14
Neighborhood: Dumbo
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Robert Schaad Last Updated: 08/09/16
Neighborhood: Bensonhurst
Summary: Not entirely abstract, occasionally representational.
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BarbaraRae Schaefer Last Updated: 10/02/11
Neighborhood: Cobble Hill
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Barbara J Schaefer Last Updated: 08/19/15
Neighborhood: Greenpoint
Summary: painting with light (photography) and painting with paint (paintings)
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Sam Schanwald Last Updated: 06/14/17
Neighborhood: Sunset Park
Summary: I'm a queer illustrator and theater artist exploring the intersection of visual art and performance.
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Rachel Scharly Last Updated: 01/20/18
Summary: Let photography rule !
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Kris Scheifele Last Updated: 11/20/18
Summary: The Contortions series has its roots in process in an investigation of what paint can do physically. After multiple layers of acrylics are methodically applied to a support, these slabs are pulled up, sliced, carved, and/or peeled.
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Matthew Schenning Last Updated: 11/24/15
Neighborhood: Greenpoint
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Romy Scheroder Last Updated: 05/30/12
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Summary: As a sculptor and conceptual crafter my process involves removing the functionality from vintage chairs, transforming their utility through a complex process of cutting, altering, sanding and reassembling.
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Emily Schiffer Last Updated: 08/25/10
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Dick Schlefer Last Updated: 01/01/17
Neighborhood: Flatbush
Summary: These are 24" x 30" composite inkjet images printed on canvas, which examine the clash between European/American and third-world cultures that has dominated the last 75 years of human history.
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Karen Schmauk Last Updated: 10/24/15
Neighborhood: Gowanus
Summary: Imagined and observed spaces and structures drawn over local topographical maps
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Diana Schmertz Last Updated: 01/15/17
Neighborhood: East Williamsburg
Summary: I am interested in the systems people create in order to organize what they perceived in the world around them.
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Cecilia Schmidt Last Updated: 08/01/16
Neighborhood: Park Slope
Summary: In my recent work, I construct tableaux specifically for the camera, staging dead birds and flowers that I collect in the urban areas and parks near my home, to create new forms--referencing J. J. Audubon and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.
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Jennifer Schmidt Last Updated: 12/22/16
Summary: Jennifer Schmidt is a multi-media artist living in Brooklyn, NY, who works with print media, graphic design, and sound to create site-specific installations, video, and performances that question the role of visual iconography and repetitiv
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Linda Kamille Schmidt Last Updated: 01/11/15
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Summary: Non-figurative paintings on paper and Mylar with both geometric and organic elements intuitively explore the universe and human instinct.
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Nicole Schmoelzer Last Updated: 10/04/10
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Elinore Schnurr Last Updated: 05/21/10
Neighborhood: Greenpoint
Summary: I am a contemporary representational painter who focuses her work on the human experience with figurative images. The images are of New York City, exploring the interaction of people and their environments.
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Rachel Schragis Last Updated: 09/29/11
Neighborhood: Kensington
Summary: Eco-Neurotic Drawing, Sculpture and Installation, connecting research to experience in the realm of environmental crisis.
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