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Jennifer Seastone Last Updated: 02/19/18
Neighborhood: Prospect Lefferts Gardens
Summary: I work in sculpture and mixed media installations, video and performance. My work manifests palimpsest form, like memories of texts that have been erased away, a trace left behind, a reminder that the past existed and still prevails.
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Zach Seeger Last Updated: 10/08/13
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Jean Seestadt Last Updated: 03/31/18
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
Summary: In my work, I explore the way fleeting moments become signs and symbols of a life as lived. Through collections, lists, counting, and images, I interrogate our relationship with our lives and deaths.
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Jessica Segall Last Updated: 09/14/15
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
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Frances Segismundo Last Updated: 10/29/16
Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant
Summary: Abstract-figurative mixed media artist and printmaker.
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Rachel Selekman Last Updated: 01/28/19
Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant
Summary: Rachel Selekman is a sculptor who uses mixed media to explore issues surrounding communication and the complexities of relationships; she also makes works on paper.
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Shane Aslan Selzer Last Updated: 01/04/11
Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant
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Kritwalee Seneetantikul Last Updated: 12/18/15
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Nathaniel Sentosa Last Updated: 07/05/12
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Yesuk C Seo Last Updated: 03/03/19
Neighborhood: Clinton Hill
Summary: I am interested in the relationship between memories and architectural spaces. Memories can be glamorized and distorted. Especially, when we consider the spaces we think we know, each has different perspectives in one's mind.
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Michael Serafino Last Updated: 12/19/16
Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant
Summary: Experiments in painting: cosmologically inspired burn canvases, spliced image paintings (with science experiments, indie rockers and fashion adverts), en plein air adventure painting.
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Stephanie K Serpick Last Updated: 07/10/17
Neighborhood: Red Hook
Summary: The most recent paintings, the series A New Fall, are an expression of feeling in dealing with personal issues over the past year or so. These are intimate paintings represented by unmade beds and tossed sheets, absent of any human evidence
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Chinatsu Seya Last Updated: 11/03/13
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Shahryar Shahamat Last Updated: 11/13/15
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Julie Shakher Last Updated: 08/01/13
Neighborhood: Prospect Heights
Summary: Shakher showcases spectacular works which are large yet delicate and sensitive with a sensual aggression of stroke. Her artworks are so large and detailed, you will feel you are an integral part of them. Shakher is a narrative figure painte
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Joelle Shallon Last Updated: 11/11/15
Neighborhood: Gowanus
Summary: Architecture-inspired abstract oil paintings on wood panel
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Manju Shandler Last Updated: 09/29/19
Neighborhood: Park Slope
Summary: I am a mixed media artist who isolates contemporary phenomena and illustrates it using a mythical lens. My plastic tapestries, intimate sculptures and sewn collage create landscapes imbued with elastic meaning.
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Rebecca J Shapass Last Updated: 03/17/19
Neighborhood: Bensonhurst
Summary: Rebecca Shapass is a multidisciplinary artist based in her native NYC. She works at the intersection of moving-image, installation, and performance to deconstruct traditional narratives about femininity and womxnhood.
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Alexander Shapiro Last Updated: 03/01/11
Neighborhood: Bay Ridge
Summary: I am a cartoonist, writer, illustrator, animator, and teaching artist.
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Dee Shapiro Last Updated: 08/03/19
Neighborhood: Flatbush
Summary: I work with ink, paint and collage on paper, canvas and board using geometry, pattern and natural forms all imagined.
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