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Kevin Thrope Last Updated: 11/16/15
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Sally Thurer Last Updated: 04/26/11
Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights
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Driss Tijani Last Updated: 12/02/13
Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights
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Daryl E Tillman Last Updated: 08/20/17
Neighborhood: Clinton Hill
Summary: Nuance photography: capturing the moments that go unseen.
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Deborah Tint Last Updated: 02/25/21
Neighborhood: Park Slope
Summary: My subject is Lefty Lucy, a burlesque performer based in New Orleans and a former Miss Coney Island who, when deprived of the human dynamic vital to all live performers, decided to offer weekly virtual drawing sessions.
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Nina P Tokhtaman Valetova Last Updated: 06/07/17
Summary: Nina's works explore the relationship between ancient cultures, mythologies, fantasy, metaphysics and philosophy. The theme of metaphysical realism, visionary art , fantasy art has been very well presented in oil paintings and digital art works b
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Nina P Tokhtaman Valetova Last Updated: 05/29/19
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Gabriel A Tolliver Last Updated: 01/23/15
Neighborhood: Flatbush
Summary: Mixed media/Folk art influenced musings of my time spent in the US Army while deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. 2009-2010.
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Elizabeth Tolson Last Updated: 01/12/19
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Heryk Tomassini Last Updated: 05/15/14
Summary: My work oscillates between painting and sculpture, inviting spectators to not only question the conventionality and practice of painting, but the opportunity to immerse themselves in an imaginative, and seductive, mystical world. By usi
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Ava E Tomlinson Last Updated: 09/16/15
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Mikhail Torich Last Updated: 08/04/16
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Joaquín Torres Last Updated: 08/03/11
Summary: Human Beings contain a center which makes them small and enormous at the same time. I create an artistic and evolved reflection of the soul, an image beyond the words which helps the client convert their aspirations into an open path.
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Jonathan Torres Last Updated: 08/29/17
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Carlos Torres-Machado Last Updated: 04/15/17
Neighborhood: Sunset Park
Summary: My artworks combine a keen sense of color with technology, embracing the pastiche of Postmodernism and the dreaminess of Romanticism, this makes my series stand out as extremely pleasing and harmonious while being thought provoking.
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WILD TORUS Last Updated: 09/14/13
Summary: WILD TORUS is a collaborative platform of Brooklyn-based artists who create chaotic, cult performance happenings and site-specific installations using both digital and analog forms.
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Tony Toscani Last Updated: 12/20/14
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
Summary: fear and the rhythm hum waltz in the unknown image.
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Jovanna R Tosello Last Updated: 08/19/17
Neighborhood: Bushwick
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Katherine M Toukhy Last Updated: 04/02/18
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Nicolas J Touron Last Updated: 08/23/16
Summary: All the works visible in the pictures are expressions of my desire to tell stories. The works are snapshots of absurd adventures and actions of objects, colors, melting shapes and phantasmagoric animals.
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