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Lionel Cruet Last Updated: 03/09/16
Summary: Interdisciplinary Artist working with topics around geo-politics, economies and technology. The artworks are often complex digital printing processes, audiovisual material, performance, and three-dimensional installations.
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Anita Cruz-Eberhard Last Updated: 06/22/13
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James Cullinane Last Updated: 08/06/17
Summary: I sometimes get a glimpse of a perfect work; smooth and self-sufficient as a beach stone, lucid as the autumn sky, and empty as snow on a TV screen. Satori!
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Symptoms Of Culture Shock Last Updated: 09/22/12
Summary: My art is a mix of street, graffiti and pop art. I try to incorporate a lot of my heroes who aren't seen in the artistic front in colorful expressive ways. Experimenting is a large portion of my portfolio.
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Colleen Cunningham Last Updated: 12/06/14
Neighborhood: Flatbush
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Ann Hunt Currier Last Updated: 02/04/16
Neighborhood: Park Slope
Summary: My recent works are photographic prints made from digital captures of real objects that are combined with spaces I draw, paint, and assemble. Photographing the construct is a way for me to memorialize and fix how the whole is to be seen.
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Margaret Cusack Last Updated: 02/10/13
Neighborhood: Boerum Hill
Summary: My interest as an artist is to involve viewers by creating realism with fabric's interplay of patterns and textures.
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Frank Cusack Last Updated: 05/14/14
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Madeleine Cutrona Last Updated: 11/22/15
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
Summary: I use digital collage and performance to explore education, class and economics.
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Catherine (C.C.) Czerwinski Last Updated: 07/27/17
Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant
Summary: Abstract expressionism testing the limits of universal truth and individuals' perceptual beliefs.
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Danielle Czirmer Last Updated: 07/14/17
Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant
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