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Maksymowicz Virginia Last Updated: 08/23/10
Neighborhood: Bay Ridge
Summary: For the past ten years, I have been interested in juxtaposing the female body with architecture in ways that become visual metaphors for the societal roles women play.
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Roger Voelker Last Updated: 06/02/15
Neighborhood: Greenpoint
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Sarah Vogwill Last Updated: 02/19/12
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Summary: I'm currently working with found images primarily from sixties and seventies pictorial magazines that I interrupt with over-printed digital drawings and words which introduces a layer of commentary, free association or disruption.
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Tone Voke Last Updated: 07/10/10
Neighborhood: Fort Greene
Summary: elements of architecture and aerial landscapes abstracted through painting process. paying special attention to colour.
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Jean Dominique Volcy Last Updated: 12/06/18
Neighborhood: Flatbush
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TJ Volonis Last Updated: 03/15/13
Neighborhood: Gowanus
Summary: I am a Brooklyn-based artist who makes functional work (tables, chairs) and wall-mounted sculptures from copper tubing.
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Angelo Volpe Last Updated: 01/19/14
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Erik Von Ploennies Last Updated: 07/19/12
Neighborhood: Park Slope
Summary: My work is a collage of random thoughts and inspiration layered together through a series of improvisational sessions. Much of the content comes from my everyday life experiences. The end result is sometimes convoluted, and abstract. I
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Otto Von Ruggins Last Updated: 03/17/19
Neighborhood: Bensonhurst
Summary: I use imagery the way William Burroughs used language.
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Drumi D Vora Last Updated: 12/06/14
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Michael Voss Last Updated: 02/10/11
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Fotini Vurgaropulou Last Updated: 12/30/13
Neighborhood: Windsor Terrace
Summary: My sculptures are made of individually cast glass or resin, that I combine with various materials, found objects, wire and other hardware, pairing the structural soundness of the durable with the more translucent and fragile.
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Anthony M Vurro Last Updated: 12/05/14
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
Summary: watercolorist
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