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Audra Wolowiec Last Updated: 08/25/13
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Summary: Through sculpture, sound, text and performance, Audra Wolowiec’s interdisciplinary work mines themes of communication and modes of exchange.
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Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong Last Updated: 02/27/19
Neighborhood: Dumbo
Summary: Public Art, Sculpture, Installation & Performance
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Yin Ming Wong Last Updated: 02/10/21
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
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Travis Wood Last Updated: 07/14/17
Summary: Film and Collages
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Aswoon/Susan E Woods Last Updated: 12/03/13
Neighborhood: Fort Greene
Summary: I am a sculptor who has worked in a number of mediums. Recently I have spanned the art and design worlds. Most of what I make is made from upholstery springs and bent poplar plywood, along with steel and other metals.
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Caroline Woolard Last Updated: 10/13/10
Summary: I make public seats, subways swings, and exchange networks (
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Jennifer Woolcock Schwartz Last Updated: 06/03/10
Summary: My paintings and work on paper are playful and abstract; my installations are satirical and sometimes surrealistic.
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Rachael Wren Last Updated: 02/13/14
Summary: Luminous, atmospheric abstractions that explore the tension between structure and space, geometry and randomness, to create a sense of place where form and air mingle with each other.
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sean wrenn Last Updated: 05/10/10
Neighborhood: East Williamsburg
Summary: sean wrenn's immersive montage worlds transmute photographic memories of the East Williamsburg IBZ area focusing on the N end of Bogart St., West English Kills Canals edges, and Bushwick Branch RR tracks.
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Desimarie Wright Last Updated: 02/08/11
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Chris Wright Last Updated: 05/15/14
Neighborhood: Clinton Hill
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Yuxuan Wu Last Updated: 12/06/14
Neighborhood: Clinton Hill
Summary: Related traditional Asian culture in my works is similar with art style in Brooklyn, which shows natural, and free.
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