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Maria Dimanshtein Last Updated: 12/26/16
Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant
Summary: I combine paper-cuts, painting, drawing and photo elements to create work about the mystery of the sexual experience.
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Yana M Dimitrova Last Updated: 07/09/10
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Jessie Dinan Last Updated: 12/27/14
Summary: I am an analog photographer based in Brooklyn New York. I love working with film and use this as my medium to create my imagery, with all my work being individually hand printed in the darkroom.
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James Dinerstein Last Updated: 05/10/12
Neighborhood: Greenpoint
Summary: A re-thinking of the possibilities of abstract sculpture, marrying 20th century abstraction and archaic form-making.
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Lisa B Dinhofer Last Updated: 11/25/17
Neighborhood: Flatbush
Summary: For many years, I have been exploring the concepts of still life painting, an area I have found hardly still, but rather filled with animation.
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David DiPasquale Last Updated: 01/27/19
Neighborhood: Dyker Heights
Summary: My paintings deal with the spiritual, otherworldly qualities of light in a landscape of the ideal, existing on the threshold of the corporeal and spiritual, allowing the viewer to contemplate the landscape while exploring the inner vista.
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Hubert Dobler Last Updated: 02/19/14
Neighborhood: Clinton Hill
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Kathleen Dobrowsky Last Updated: 08/18/17
Neighborhood: Dyker Heights
Summary: Conceptual paintings rendered in digital format sometimes highlighted with photographic images.
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Don Doe Last Updated: 09/01/15
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
Summary: My image archive stems from a serious, almost forensic interest in how images are made, how they’re formed both physically and theoretically. I’m interested in making things that explore how we all remember and idealise each other.
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Dan Does Design Last Updated: 08/05/10
Neighborhood: Park Slope
Summary: Work includes oil and sculpture; themes gravitate toward landscapes, nature and natural phenomena. Recent work: "Bewilderness", an outdoor art installation in a pine forest which focuses on the tree as metaphor for non-human "other".
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Joseph P Dolinsky Last Updated: 11/22/15
Neighborhood: Park Slope
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Sophia Domeville Last Updated: 10/04/11
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
Summary: The basic fundamentals behind my ART, is everyday life. Sculpting the energies unto canvas and adding life with color.
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Patricia Dominguez Last Updated: 02/20/12
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James F Donahue Last Updated: 12/19/16
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Natalia J Donofrio Last Updated: 04/20/15
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Summary: I am a visual artist working in painting and the moving image. My work is inspired by sound/color synaesthesia.
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Jackie Dorage Last Updated: 10/17/13
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
Summary: My paintings are based around researched animal narratives with a focus on animal behavior and the sense of hopelessness surrounding conflicts in the natural world.
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Antoinette Pascua Dorch Last Updated: 05/25/17
Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights
Summary: My paintings are mostly Dance Illustrations.
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Karni Dorell Last Updated: 07/08/12
Neighborhood: Red Hook
Summary: My work questions social groupings and how the feeling of the group experience fluctuates between vulnerability and security.
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Bianca Dorsey Last Updated: 01/04/17
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Summary: I get a lot of spiritual guidance in my life and in my work I listen to spirit guides, my intuition and my heart in manifesting my creations.
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Maria Doubrovskaia Last Updated: 11/06/21
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