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Gwen Fabricant Last Updated: 09/14/11
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Jonathan Fabricant Last Updated: 01/16/15
Neighborhood: Park Slope
Summary: I'm all over the place with several repeating themes, Cityscape, Human Figure, Geometric Abstraction, I work with the media of Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture and collage.
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Patricia Fabricant Last Updated: 12/22/14
Neighborhood: Prospect Heights
Summary: I paint small abstract, vaguely psychedelic gouaches.
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Carla Fache Last Updated: 10/10/10
Summary: When I paint I connect with the invisible, the intensity, with what you can not see and only feel, with what nourish the volatility of the essence and the fever to discover its elusive meaning.
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Ian C. Faden Last Updated: 01/29/16
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
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Stephen H Faillace Last Updated: 02/22/17
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
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Dan J Fairbanks Last Updated: 12/15/14
Neighborhood: East Williamsburg
Summary: Exploring Pre and Post Stonewall gay artists and their work in an effort to revitalize the gay identity of my late grandfather.
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Arielle Falk Last Updated: 06/29/12
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Jes Fan Last Updated: 03/26/15
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Shelly Fank Last Updated: 03/28/11
Summary: Shelly Fank, a sculptor and painter from New Orleans who has also worked in Greenville, North Carolina; Florence, Italy; Seattle, Washington; and Toledo, Ohio, is currently exploring multimedia works with sculptural puppets in Brooklyn, NY.
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Jacob Farber Last Updated: 10/20/15
Neighborhood: Gowanus
Summary: Currently I am exploring the relationship between scrap / trash wood in NYC and the idea usefelness via sculpture.
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King Farish Last Updated: 10/16/10
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Summary: The origin of this body of work is in compression and tension, growth and decay, and how these and other processes shape built environments.
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Deborah Farnault Last Updated: 06/28/13
Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant
Summary: The convergence of urbanism and landscape is the foundation of my work; through the use of photography-based research, I address the ideas of absence, romanticism, representation, and authenticity of experience.
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Kate C Fauvell Last Updated: 03/18/19
Neighborhood: Gowanus
Summary: My work tells stories about what it means to be human.
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GORDON FEAREY Last Updated: 11/23/15
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Summary: Painter focused on transparency and narrative of process and influenced by writing, weaving, and theatre improv.
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Harriet Feigenbaum Last Updated: 05/21/14
Neighborhood: Coney Island
Summary: My work, both indoors and out, continues to be motivated by environmental sources, related conditions and personal experience.
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Theresa Feijo Last Updated: 07/01/16
Neighborhood: Dyker Heights
Summary: My eye sees the abstract in the ordinary.
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Sam Fein Last Updated: 08/10/15
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
Summary: My paintings and mixed media pieces incorporate elements of ethnography, nonlinear storytelling, magical realism, and absurdist humor to give expression to a uniquely individualized reality.
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Brayan D Feliz Last Updated: 11/01/20
Summary: Brayan Daniel Feliz a.k.a. BD Feliz is a Dominican-American contemporary visual artist, photographer, graphic designer, and writer. He's interested in combating contemporary social issues like racial inequality and environmental injustice.
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Paul A Felski Last Updated: 10/02/16
Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights
Summary: Architecture as an open form to discuss the environment of Brooklyn and NYC.
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