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Ayasha Guerin Last Updated: 08/02/17
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Summary: My photography and writing concern themes of the urban/natural, public and private space, ecology, community and security.
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Marco Guglielmino Last Updated: 02/22/17
Neighborhood: Sunset Park
Summary: Marco Guglielmino is an interdisciplinary artist drawn to color, he has been working with neon, creating sculptures that tell stories of shape, balance and proportion in a modern and sensual way.
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Melody GUINI Last Updated: 07/21/17
Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens
Summary: Portrait paintings interacting with abstract space.
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Melissa Guion Last Updated: 09/11/12
Neighborhood: Boerum Hill
Summary: Melissa is a writer and illustrator working in traditional media.
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Amy Chase Gulden Last Updated: 11/10/10
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Summary: With my scientific collaborator, Kristin Baldwin PhD, I grow images in E. coli bacteria and print these to paper.
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Tatiana Gulenkina Last Updated: 01/07/17
Summary: Tatiana is a Russian-born photographer and visual artist based in the U.S. She employs both digital technology and traditional darkroom equipment, as well as video and mixed media.
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Carmella Gullo Last Updated: 12/29/16
Neighborhood: Red Hook
Summary: "Art is the knowledge of how to become joined to the soul of the world". - from Giordano Bruno and The Hermetic Tradition
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Bruce H Gundersen Last Updated: 12/09/14
Neighborhood: Red Hook
Summary: My artistic practice bridges the perception between painting and photography, exploring reality and constructed illusions. The works I have created and exhibited throughout Southeast Asia are photomontages printed on fabric
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Carl J Gunhouse Last Updated: 08/13/13
Neighborhood: Greenpoint
Summary: Driving around America for the last six years trying to cover as much of it as I could, going from one political hotspot to the next, one thing has been clear politicians and the press create a constant hysteria of the now.
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Suman Gupta Last Updated: 12/24/11
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Yasmin Gur Last Updated: 04/01/18
Neighborhood: Flatbush
Summary: My recent sculpture is built with reclaimed wood. Using weathered material, I appropriates the histories of her salvaged material to create structures that evoke the living processes of an organism. My work, biomorphic yet geometric abstrac
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Dalit Gurevich Last Updated: 08/09/17
Neighborhood: Ditmas Park
Summary: Dalit Gurevich is a mix media artist. She uses multiple techniques and integrates in her artwork acrylic paints, video footage, embroidery, knitting, text, and found materials.
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Buket Gursoy Last Updated: 02/01/19
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Martin J Gutierrez Last Updated: 12/17/14
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Michele R Gutlove Last Updated: 01/19/15
Summary: As an architect and an artist, I create glass installations, which transform space, as the light and the angle of view change.
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Peter Gynd Last Updated: 12/19/16
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Summary: The Blanket Series embodies a multi-year exploration on the connection of the body and landscape and draws on popular notions of the blanket as an object of personal protection, comfort, and veiling.
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