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Morgan Seth Horowitz Last Updated: 05/15/14
Summary: Flash art, aiming for a striking impression.
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Diana Hosley Burchfield Last Updated: 08/03/17
Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens
Summary: Another artist’s quote, “ Watercolor allows the artist to choose a medium known for unpredictability and transparency, in which case material and concept work together to explore the possibilities.”
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TJ HOSPODAR Last Updated: 06/30/15
Neighborhood: Cobble Hill
Summary: I am a mathematician debugging my art practice. I am an artist performing data science.
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William H Howard Last Updated: 08/23/17
Neighborhood: Prospect Heights
Summary: As an artist, I attempt to capture through the use of painting, sculpture, and photography a moment in time that reflects our humanity.
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Christine Howard Sandoval Last Updated: 12/02/16
Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant
Summary: Christine Howard Sandoval is a multi- media artist who challenges the boundaries of representation, access, and habitation through the use of performance, video, and sculpture.
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David Howe Last Updated: 11/25/13
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Yang-Lun Hsiao Last Updated: 02/28/18
Neighborhood: Brighton Beach
Summary: A filmmaker (directing, screenwriting, and film editing) come from Taiwan and work everywhere. I love to edit stories to make them stronger.
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Hai-Hsin Huang Last Updated: 12/17/14
Neighborhood: Greenpoint
Summary: Awkward people in weird situation.
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Jill Hubley Last Updated: 03/10/18
Neighborhood: Park Slope
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Judith Hugentobler Last Updated: 03/31/19
Neighborhood: Red Hook
Summary: ceramic functional and sculptural work that highlights organic form. Surface textures relate to coastal regions and detritus found there.
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Nene Humphrey Last Updated: 12/20/19
Neighborhood: Gowanus
Summary: My multidisciplinary artworks combine drawing, sculpture, performance and video to depict a seemingly infinite space of emotion and memory as it is processed in the brain,and often involves collaboration with neuroscientists and musicians.
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Lisa Hunt Last Updated: 04/02/18
Neighborhood: Dumbo
Summary: I create screen prints that play with the rhythmic repetition of graphic, geometric symbols and forms.
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John Huntington Last Updated: 11/22/16
Summary: John Huntington is a Brooklyn based, award-winning photographer who shoots in fast-moving, challenging situations at the boundaries and intersections of nature, the city, and culture.
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Ginny Huo Last Updated: 12/08/16
Summary: I use mixed media to reconstruct personal narratives and cultural modern myths dictated in a system of communication through re-imagined collaboration and play.
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Maria Hupfield Last Updated: 08/23/15
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
Summary: Activates artist made industrial felt/shiny material sculptures in live performance, video and 2D works.
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Mark Hurwitt Last Updated: 01/27/12
Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights
Summary: "Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it" - Bertolt Brecht
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Nakazzi Hutchinson Last Updated: 08/16/17
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Timothy P Hutto Last Updated: 01/20/16
Neighborhood: Greenpoint
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Zach Hyman Last Updated: 07/24/17
Neighborhood: East Williamsburg
Summary: Photography exploring form and it's subjective possibilities.
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