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Valerie Hallier
brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights

ARTIST STATEMENT: Using multiple media from video to photographs, interactive media to beads, my work is conceptual, project based and often takes the form of installations. Through the collection and visualization of information, it explores the absurdity and the poetry within the process of exhaustive study. The overarching themes are the notion of portrait and self-portrait rendered in a contemporary context.

As a child, I was obsessed with the idea of drawing every single thing that exists in the world. Despite its naive quality, the feeling of embarking on this vast quest was so powerful that it still infuses my work today. The recurrent and consuming desire to catalog, up to the absurd, is a way to understand and order the world around me as well as interface with it. The systematization and hierachization that ensue can both help communicate (poetry) and alienate (absurdity).

Computer technology, like an extension of our brain, offers great tools to archive, organize, and visualize information, yet its limitations betray our own. I find the restrictions and the flaws of recent technologies to have aesthetical qualities and meanings that deny the perfection we want machines to emulate. They reconnect us with a sense of mystery tied to our human condition, especially as we are detaching ourselves further and further from the natural world.

I am interested in exploring the confrontation between the human and the technological. By way of practices and rituals like taking a picture a day, monitoring a building’s entrance, cataloging every object I own, or documenting long-distance conversations -- each project confronts intimate and subjective data with the mechanization of actions, the systematization of technology and the codifications of cognitive sciences.

By emulating the processes of technology and by working with it directly, my work aspires to render the systems and patterns that describe a contemporary character. The resulting portraits or self-portraits reveal in turn the intimately technological and the systematically human.


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Valérie Hallier is a multiple media artist from France where she received a BFA from the ESAA Duperré and a MFA from the ENSAD in Paris (Cinema, video, Animation). She came to New York in 1992 with a Fulbright scholarship and graduated from SVA with an MFA in Computer Art in 1994.

Since then Ms. Hallier's award winning work presented at Siggraph (USA), Ars Electronica (FINLAND) and Anima Mundi (BRAZIL), interactive art presented at ACM MM Arts Program (ENGLAND) and at SCAN Arts Symposium (USA).

Her first solo show will be at Medianoche, NYC on March 18th 2010. Two person exhibitions include “Body Chronicles” at the CAS Arts Center, NY (Oct.-Nov.09), "Waiting Fields" At Brooklyn Front Gallery, NY, and upcoming show at Nadania Idriss Gallery, Berlin, Germany (Aug.-Sept. 2010).

Group shows include "Nimbi Penumbrae" at the Dumbo Arts Center, Brooklyn NY reviewed in New York magazine, "Moon Tornado" at the Rose Wagner Blackbox SLT, UT, "Artists from RUMBO" at the Tribes Gallery, NYC and bCOOP and The Beacon Art Salon in Beacon, NY.

Miss Hallier's work has been featured in The River Reporter (NY, USA), Style Magazine (Germany), the Village Voice (Long Island), the Telegraph magazine (UK), High Color Magazine and Mondo 2000. She lives and works in Brooklyn NY.


1994 MFA computer Arts, SVA , NYC

1992 Fulbright Scholarship, Paris/NYC

1992 MFA Cinema, Video, Animation ENSAD (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Decoratifs), Paris, France

1989 BFA Fine Art ESAA DUPERRE (Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués DUPERRE) , Paris France



- Nadania Idriss Gallery (2 person show), Berlin, Germany - July 31-Sept.4

- Screened Calls & Slow Portraits (solo show), MediaNoche, NYC, March 18 - May 1

- Glitch Generation (group show), Brooklyn Council for the Arts (BAC), NY, Feb. 4 - June 25


- Generation 7 - A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn NY - Dec.2 - Jan 3

- Snap to grid (group show), LACDA, L.A. Municipal Gallery, LA, Nov.12-Dec. 5

- Body Chronicles (2 person show), CAS Arts Center, NY, Oct. 3-Nov. 15

- Bronx Blue Bedroom Project (BBBP) (group show), NY, Nov.7-30

- Benefit for Nurture Art, Claire Oliver gallery, NYC - Oct. 12

- Silent auction CAS Arts Center, New York - May 23rd - June 17


bCOOP: The Beacon Art Salon (group show), Beacon, NY


- Moon Tornado (group show), Rose Wagner Blackbox, SLC, UT

- Contemporay character (group show), Dumbo Arts Center (DAC), NYC

- Artists from RUMBO: Right Under the Manhattan Bridge (group show), Tribes Gallery, NYC


- Winter Auction, Dumbo Arts Center (DAC), NY

- Open Studios, 9th DUMBO Under the Bridge Festival, Brooklyn, NY

- Nimbi Penumbrae (group show), Dumbo Arts Center (DAC), Brooklyn NY

- Nationales Sonderzeichen (3 person show), Berliner Kunstprojekt Gallery, Berlin, GERMANY


- Starfukd Natives (group show) Curated by samantha Frank, SFinarts, NYC

- Open Studios, 8th DUMBO Under the Bridge Festival, Brooklyn, NY


- "A glance at New York" (Commission), Axis Company, NYC


- Waiting Fields (2 person show), Brooklyn Front Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


-1992 Fulbright Scholarship, Paris/NYC

-10 Years: a user's Manual (interactive internet piece): selected and presented at ACM MM'98 Arts Program (ENGLAND) and at SCAN'98 Arts Symposium (USA)

-Monsterparty (3D animation): Selected and presented at SIGGRAPH'94 (USA), ANIMA MUNDI'95 (BRAZIL)


- The River Reporter: "Body Chronicles" - Oct. 2009

- The New Yorker "Nimbi Penumbrae"(group show) - July 2005

- Art work published in Mondo 2000, High Color Magazine (USA)

- Style Magazine (Germany), the VILLAGE VOICE (Long Island) and the TELEGRAPH magazine (UK)


647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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