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Susan Bowen
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Park Slope

ARTIST STATEMENT: Although I have lived in suburbs, small towns, and have rural connections, the city is where my heart lies. Wherever I photograph, I see things from the perspective of an urbanite. I find it interesting how even in the country I seek out things industrial and man-made.

The urban experience to me is largely about motion. The intense pace and vitality of the city excites me; I like to shoot fast and furiously, to be totally immersed and to be swept up in, and along with, the tide of the moment. Either I am shooting people that are in motion or I myself am in movement around my subject. I will stalk my subjects, be they a swarm of gesturing humans or abstract shapes of color and light.

The long overlapping images are created by only partially advancing the film between exposures – the overlapping occurs in the film itself. It delights me how these mostly unplanned juxtapositions capture my experience of a particular time and place and at the same time have an identity all their own.


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Susan Bowen lives in New York City and is known for her overlapping multiple exposure panoramas, which she shoots with a plastic camera. In 2008 Susan completed a 48’ public art mural for a school in New Haven, Connecticut, and the previous year she created four murals for the Department of Transportation in Minnesota. In 2007 she was profiled in Photo Techniques and Light Leaks magazines, published in Light and Lens: Photography in the Digital Age, and received an award in the Pilsner Urquell International Photography/Lucie 2007 Awards. In 2006 Susan had four images published in Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity, a book by Michelle Bates. Her sixteen solo/2-person shows have been in New York, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Reno, Dayton, San Marino, Lubbock, and Tennessee. Susan has been in over 130 group shows in the past 8 years, including ones at the Safe-T, Nelson Hancock, and Sideshow galleries in Brooklyn, the Photographic Center NW in Seattle, Woman Made Gallery in Chicago, and the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins. She has been a finalist for public art projects in Brooklyn, Tampa, Gainesville, Iowa, Indianapolis, Kansas City, and Frisco, TX. Susan is also a computer programmer by trade.

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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