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Sky Kim
Brooklyn, NY

ARTIST STATEMENT: ‘Scroll Series: Vaguely Sensual, Obsessively Organic’ A series of abstract painting/drawing that captures the vital energy of all living beings through microscopic scanning. There’s a constant tug of war embedded in the organic undulations in my work. The shapes are comforting, yet dizzying; fluid, yet stagnant; organic, yet abstract; delicate, yet obsessive. Symbols of waters and blood represent what we once were in the womb, the beginning point of life, and of my personal memory of my stillborn twin sister. My memory of her in the long but brief time we spent together in the womb, which was only time that we were together, has entirely prevailed in my unconsciousness. The symbol of water and blood drops on the surface, whose personality also implies both the principles of Yin and Yang, co-exist in one body rather than staying separated from another. They shouldn't be interpreted as a neuter gender, instead they should be understood as the life energy that a fertilized egg newly acquires, beyond the visual, sexual differences of the flesh. In my work, each circle, a perfect form found in nature, contains the energy which allows a being to consistently evolve into a complete form of nature. The complete, vital form is favored not in order to discover who I am, but to create myself anew. My “Scroll Series” suggests a new boundary of painting. Both the 10 yard-long paper roll I choose for painting and the three-dimensional optical effect that the dense elements of the central figure will allow me to achieve a new dimension of dots, lines, circles, and curves. When looking at a solid stone under microscope, there are many movements. This vitality and non-stop evolutionary movement are what is going on in the center of my work. I record my personal time and space, as well as my raw emotions; excitement, anxieties, regrets, hope, frustration, shame, guilt and letting go of things. As writers use old-fashioned typewriters to tell their stories, I leave my own traces of being in a timely-manner on 10 yard-long paper rolls. I’d like to reach out to audiences by awakening their originality and helping them reshape their vitality, which has been taken away by numerous life aspects. I want my work to give audiences an opportunity to ask themselves who they were before and who they are now. Following one dot after another all the way into the core of my painting and connecting dots of their own life might lead my audience to the center of their being and discover wholeness.

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Sky Kim

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