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Diana Leidel
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Fort Greene

ARTIST STATEMENT: As someone said, "I can't see three rocks without putting them together." But sometimes a single image is best.

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Something May Be Happening Here Exhibition

March-03-2016 – March-31-2016

An Exhibition about Surveillance and Perception in Our Time

Gallery Gaia, 79 Hudson Street, Dumbo/Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn, New York

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Platform at the New York Transit Museum

June-24-2015 –

PLATFORM: Creative Musings on Mass Transit

Diana Leidel, Artist/Photographer
Cat Del Buono, Video Artist

An installation of photos, video, and sound that dramatizes the lives, exhaustion, thoughts and experiences New Yorkers encounter in their daily commute. An intimate portrait of our fellow subway riders, giving insight into who they are in their own words.

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Wild Women

June-04-2015 – June-28-2015

Wild Women Installation At Brooklyn‘s Gallery Gaia
Celebrates Notable Women You May Have Never Heard Of

This June Gallery Gaia in Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn presents Wild Women, an installation by artists Diana Leidel and Cat Del Buono. Wild Women celebrates the accomplishments of women who were notable in an array of occupations who are very likely “women you may have never heard of”. The unique installation, a roomful of white dresses that viewers can walk through, suspended and swaying on ghostly hangers, offers up the names and professions of some 200 now deceased, largely unknown, women who influenced or changed our world. Video projections of their names play on the gently moving dresses, handwriting on the wall identifies their accomplishments, and a continually looping audio track puts viewers into the environments they knew.

The artists developed the concept for the installation after collecting historic and newspaper accounts of the lives of women who known in their fields, but not famous, or even recognized at all by the general public.

38TH ST 2 PM

July-08-2012 – July-21-2012

38TH ST 2 PM an installation created by Diana Leidel and Cat Del Buono, is a meditation on a typical block of the Fashion District of Manhattan, 38th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues, a block with plenty of New York City diversity, and without the high-rise apartment buildings and hotels that have been built on many blocks in the area.

We have created a flowing stream of intimately scaled images, video and sound that encircle the walls of the gallery to immerse the visitor in the atmosphere of the block and capture the energy, variety, color, intensity, and unceasing relentlessness of Fashion District daily life.

38TH STREET 2 PM is the culmination of an 18-month long project in photography, video and sound. It has involved walking the block taking photos and videos with an iphone in the 2 pm period just after lunch on weekdays, as day-to-day activity is in progress. In our ground rules the photos had to be printed full-frame without manipulation and the videos and audio must be "living snapshots" of moments that do not impose another narrative on the activity.

Each wall of the gallery contains two rows of 5 x 7" horizontal photos mounted butted unending strip at eye-level. The photos are grouped sequentially in the camera roll so that there is feeling of passage along the street as you proceed around the room.

Three videos will be shown in continuous loops on screens the same size as the individual photos, wall-mounted (and butted) but will be "moving interruptions" in the horizontal flow of images. The sound of each video will be continuously audible, although the decibel level will vary.


647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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