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Lilyan Aloma
Brooklyn, NY


ARTIST STATEMENT: I began exploring the streets of Manhattan with my camera at the end of 2001. Manhattan, a place where styles intersect, decades collide and cultures converge as the numbers of buildings in our borough explode. And to further intensify the complexity of this landscape there were media driven messages at the turn of every corner. As billboards imposed their presence upon our city I recognized their power to alter our visual frame of reference as they collided with our daily lives. While walking down Broadway in the 20’s, I had the sense that I was being observed. From behind me the face of a woman peered out. She had been imprisoned in brick and iron by a Gap ad. I suppose another point of view could have been that the buildings had created a perfect frame for her face. The comedy of this moment tickled my imagination and billboards became a fascination. Icons of commercial culture elevated to god-like status. Giant Eyes looking down from above, faces and torsos of enormous proportion intercepting brick, glass and steel. They play with our perception, they play with our minds. My eye approached each site (sight) with the curiosity of an archeologist. I began to deconstruct the layers of billboard and building. Through the viewfinder the parts of each billboard became more important than the whole and much grander than their commercial intent. What emerged were unexpected juxtapositions; a remix of visuals that played further with our perception and us. And as a result of this body of work there grew a greater understanding of my process as a photographic artist. “For myself, the magic of photography is in the viewfinder, in the moment of visual recognition: in the “seeing” of a subject as only a photographer can at the moment she or he takes the photograph. In this small rectangle (viewfinder) a microcosm is gathered. The elements that are assembled in the frame while informed by the subject are drawn together by my intuition when the shutter is released. New York’s vitality and spirit have provided me with a unique palette to fine tune my eye and elevate my sense of composition while celebrating my favorite place on earth.”

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Solo Exhibitions

2009 OK Harris Works of Art, "Deconstruction," New York City
2006 OK Harris Works of Art, "Billscapes," New York City
2003 OK Harris Works of Art, "Mecca or Madness," New York City
1999 Gallery Taranto, "Portraits," New York City
1998 BBDO, "When the Muse Comes to Visit," New York City
1996 Strobesmith, "Portraits In Concept," New York City
1993 Catskill Art Society, "Intimacies of Childhood," Hurleyville, New York
1993 The Drawing Room,"Relationship," De Bruce, New York
1992 The Drawing Room, "A Personal View," De Bruce, New York

Selected Group Exhibitions

2010 Soft, “Modern Abstraction,”
2010 Roho Photo, “Cubed/3,” Cincinnati, Ohio
2007 Art 21, "Urban Life," Dallas, Texas
2006 Gallery 225, "Inaugural Exhibition," New York City
2005 Leica Gallery, " Witness to the Century," New York City
2003 Advertising Photographers of America,"New York, New York,"
New York City
2003 Brevard Museum of Art & Science, "Everything's OK at OK Harris,"
Melbourne, Fla.
2003 Post Picasso, "Translucent: Altered Reality," Richmond, Virginia,
2002 Photo District Gallery, "Into the Light," New York City
2001 Get Real Art,"Childlike," New York City
2001 Díafragma Foto,"Fotógrafos de Fin de Milenio," Cordoba, Spain
1998 Gallery Taranto, "Portraits," New York City
1997 Professional Women Photographers,"Portfolio 97,"New York City
1996 Professional Women Photographers, "Members Show," New York City
1996 National Arts Club, "New Artists," New York City
1995 Wickers,"12 New York Artists," New York City
1994 Leica Gallery, "Visions of Angels," New York City


2010 Aaron Siskind Foundation/IPF Grant
2009 International Photographers of America, Honorable Mention,
2008 American Photography 24, 2nd Place, FineArt
2008 Advertising Photographers of America, 2nd Place, Fine Art
2007 International Photographers of America, Honorable Mention,
2007 Jury 2007, Women in Photography International, Honorable Mention
2007 Prix de la Photographie de Paris, Honorable Mention
2007 American Photography 23, Finalist, Jury Award
2006 International Photographers of America, Honorable Mention
2006 The Photo Review, Finalist
2006 Women in Photography International, 25th Anniversary, Finalist
2004 International Photographers of America, 2nd Place, Architecture
and Cityscape
2003 International Photographers of America, 2nd Place, Architecture
and Cityscape
2003 Advertising Photographers of America, Jury Award


The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York
The New York Historical Society, New York City
The Museum of the City of New York, New York City
Stein Rogan Advertising, New York City


2007 Photography Residency, IS 237, Flushing, New York
1999-05 Photography Elective, Grades 6 – 8, Village Community School,
New York City
2002 Photography Residency, Grades 10-12, PS 373K, Brooklyn, New York
2002 Photography Residency, Grade 5, PS 205, Bronx, New York
2001 Photography Residency, Grades 10-12, PS 373K, Brooklyn, New York
2001 Photography Residency, Grade 5, PS 97, Queens, New York
2001 Photography Residency, Grade 5, PS 134, Brooklyn, New York
2000 Photography Residency, Grades 10-12, PS 373K, Brooklyn, New York


2007 ArtWorld Digest, Seed Issue
2003 "Soul's Dance," Dorrance Publishing
2001 "The Art of Teaching Art to Young Children," Ferrar, Strauss & Giroux
1999 “In Our Own Write," New York City Board of Education Publication
1998 "Educating Exceptional Children," Houghton Mifflin
1994 Thom Cooney Crawford, "Sculpture,” Artist Catalogue


647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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