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Melanie Fischer
Brooklyn, NY

ARTIST STATEMENT: In most of the world today, our experience of The Natural is a concept. We go into parks to commune with Mother Earth where we have built and shaped the land to fit our comfort level, removing the chaos and risks of actual wilderness. The bar for what is an authentic nature experience is continually lowered as our experiences are further and further removed from the actual wild. Urban parks have recently begun replacing real grass with large artificial grass fields. They are a delight to lie on. They seem perfect. Clean, flat, and fresh, as we would like nature to be. This dissonance between what is natural and what is artificial is the central theme in my work. I create landscape that charm in their extreme artificiality. Pulling the viewer into an immediate visceral and tactile experience, my work nurtures visitors, filling them with the joy we fantasize nature to be about. At the same time my natural settings are clearly made of manmade materials — exaggerating the distance from the actual wild. By engulfing my viewers in an artificial natural setting within the urban sprawl, we reflect on this relationship: what do we need from the natural and how this need can be fulfilled.

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  • Power Spray

  • Sandy

  • Pots and Pans
    Fabric on wire

  • In The Clouds
    fabric on board

  • Flight
    graphite and paint on board

  • Hanging Cloud 3 Side 1

  • Hanging Cloud 3 Side 2

  • Hanging Cloud 2 side 1

  • cloud
    fabric on wood

  • Wish Installation
    Fabric over wire, and wood
    Visitors would sit on the benches. Take fabric and paper coins from pockets on the benches. They drew pictures for the head of the coin and wrote their wishes on the tail side. They then threw thei

  • Wish Detail
    fabric over wire, piping, and stuffing
    This is the mermaid on top of the fountain in the Wish Installation

  • Bench in Wish Installation
    Fabric an wire over wood and iron bench
    This is one of the benches in the Wish Installation.

  • Growth Installation
    fabric over wire, piping, rope and wood
    Visitors would walk among the grass and sit and take a ride on the swing.

  • Shel's Tree Installation
    Paper, cardboard, wood, twine
    Visitors to this installation would take paper or cardboard leaves from opening in tree and take pencils from hanging buckets. They would sit on tree stumps and draw pictures on the leaves. Then the

  • Tree Stump in Shel's Tree Install
    graphite on wood and cardboard
    This is one of three tree stumps in which visitors sat to draw and stood on to hang their drawn leaves.

  • Field
    Fabric over wire and piping, dirt, wind, sound
    Visitors walked on the dirt between the 8' blades of grass which swayed in a breeze. Sounds of birds chirping were playing.

  • rack
    fabric on wire

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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