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Lizzie Scott
Brooklyn, NY

ARTIST STATEMENT: My work looks at the relationships between space, materiality, and visual communication from a perspective informed by feminism and inspired by the urban landscape. I’m interested in the threshold between abstraction and representation, where objects and images elicit an uncanny sense of both recognition and intractable otherness. My current paintings are abstracted images of paper casually taped over different surfaces around the city. The utilitarian impulse to cover a window during construction or to stick a flyer on a wall creates accidental abstractions around the city. At the same time, these mundane objects convey a great deal of narrative. A crumpled and faded sign advertizing guitar lessons tells a story both comically pathetic and movingly heroic. Similarly, papered-over storefronts hint at personal sagas of failed ambition while the faded and torn paper literally functions as abstract collage. My "Sleeping Bags" are abstract paintings and at the same time functional objects. They have no fixed way of being displayed, but can adapt to the needs of different spaces and context.

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1998 MFA, California Institute of the Arts
1994 Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program
1993 BA, Brown University

2013 Paintings and Works on Paper, Galerie Gris, Hudson, NY
2010 Floating Island, John Tevis Gallery, Paris, France
2007 Window/Wall, Project at The Jersey City Museum, Jersey City, NJ
2006 Windows & Bars, LMAKprojects Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
2004 The Satin Subway Grate Rubbings, five myles, Brooklyn, NY
1998 Immovable Type, Thesis Exhibition, CalArts, Valencia, CA

2015 Ordinary Things: Shirley Irons and Lizzie Scott; Heskin Contemporary, NYC
2014 On the Verge: Patricia Satterlee and Lizzie Scott; Crossing Art, Queens, NY
2014 Genesis Forward Battery; Underdonk, Ridgewood, NY
2014 Artforum September 2013, P. 179, Brennan and Griffin, NYC
2011 Underemployed, Zurcher Studio, NYC
2011 30: A Brooklyn Salon, Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2008 Beyond Drawing: Constructed Realities, Ohio University Art Gallery, Athens, OH
2006 Ragged, Kate MacGarry Gallery, London, England
2005 Anthology der Kunst, Zentrum für Kunst und Medeindtechnologie, Karlsruhe, Germany
2004 Open House: Working in Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY
2004 Yarns, Solomon Fine Art, Seattle, WA
2003 Pilgrimage, Bronx River Art Center, Bronx, NY
2002 Silkies: Matthew Connors and Lizzie Scott, Hot Coco Lab, Los Angeles, CA
2002 Social Space, Cuchi Fritos, NYC
2001 Josh Blackwell; Lizzie Scott, PS 122 Gallery, NYC
2001 Artists’ Writing Reading Room, Side Street Projects, Los Angeles, CA
2001 Cities and Desire, Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
1999 Artist in the Marketplace, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY
1998 Six Emerging Artists, Dan Bernier Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2012 Total Styrene: A Gauche Louche, Zurcher Studio, NYC
2012 Styrene Lounge, Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn, NY
2012 Total Styrene: Breakdown, Klaus Von Nichtsaggend Gallry, NYC
2012 Styrene Lounge, Art in Odd Places Festival, NYC
2012 Sustainability Studies, ITINERANT festival, Queens, NY
2012 Totally Total Styrene, The Art School Project, Queens, NY
2011 Anchored Adrift Total Styrene 7.20.11, Participant Inc, NYC
2010 Floating Island 1, Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris, France
2009 Happening Sur L’Herbe, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY
2009 The Styrene Fantastic, Movement Research Spring Festival 09, Rachel Uffner Gallery, NYC
2006 East River Stairway Parade, DAC Art Under The Bridge Festival, Brooklyn, NY
2006 Windows & Bars Walk, Brooklyn, NY
2003-4 The Satin Subway Grate Rubbings, NYC
1998 Travelogues, NYC; Los Angeles, CA; Boston, MA
1997 Cemetery Diaries, Boston, MA; Los Angeles, CA

2012 Sara Roffino, “Dumbo Arts Festival” Art Info, September 28, 2012 (illustration)
2012 “Art in Odd Places Transforms 14th Street” Street Art NYC, October 7, 2012 (illustration)
2012 “Total Styrene Breakdown” TimeOut New York, August 10, 2012 (illustration)
2012 Rozalia Jovanovic “8 Things to do in the New York Art World” GalleristNY, August 7, 2012 (illustration)
2012 Whitney Kimball “The Measure” L Magazine, August 6, 2012
2010 Robert J. Hughes, “Lizzie Scott” ArtSlant Paris, November 8, 2010
2009 Claudia La Rocco, The Styrene Fantastic, The New York Times, September 18, 2009
2009 Claudia La Rocco, “Song and Dance” Diary, Artforum, May 3, 2009 (illustration)
2008 Jennie Klein, “Lizzie Scott” Beyond Drawing: Constructed Realities, Ohio University Art Gallery, 2008
2004 Charlotta Kotik, Open House: Working in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Museum of Art,
2004 (illustration)
2004 Today in New York, “Artist uses Sidewalk as Canvas” NBC Television, May 17, 2004
2003 Randy Kennedy, “She Sees Art, And You’re Walking On It” The New York Times, October 14, 2003(Illustration)
2003 Surface Tension: Problematics of Site, Ken Ehrlich , Brandon Labelle, and Steven Vitiello, editors, Errant Bodies Press, 2003 (illustration)
2002 Holland Cotter, “Where Witty Meets Gritty” The New York Times,
November 15, 2002
2002 “Cuchi Fritos” Time Out New York, November 7–14, 2002
2002 “Chinatown Galleries” The LA Weekly, July 12–18, 2002
2001 Holland Cotter, “Lizzie Scott and Josh Blackwell” The New York Times,
May 11, 2001
1999 Martha Schwendener, “Artist in The Marketplace” Time Out New York,
August 26–September 2, 1999
1999 Holland Cotter, “Artist in The Marketplace” The New York Times, Friday,
July 23, 1999
1999 Marisol Nieves, and Lydia Yee Artist in The Marketplace 19th Annual Exhibition Catalogue, Bronx Museum of the Arts, 1999 (illustration)
1998 “Six Emerging Artists” The LA Weekly, June 19–25, 1998

2010 BRIC Arts Media Fellowship
2002 The MacDowell Colony
1997 Friends of CalArts Fellowship
1993 Minnie Helen Hicks Premium for Art


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