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Ellie Balk
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Clinton Hill

ARTIST STATEMENT: What I am creating is a system of organization where community residents can formalize the way they are connected. My murals carry an energy that is not stagnant to a single image, but exist as a web of concepts to evoke thought. The work is about commanding a space in a way to create a platform for people to create and understand a collective image. As a result, I create visual map of the community, showing how we are from the same fabric, in the same space at the same time, finding a way to live together and communicate. In this form of abstraction, we create an affect that shows a concept of memory.

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2005 Masters of Fine Art, Pratt Institute. Brooklyn, NY
2002 Bachelors of Fine Art, Bowling Green State University. Bowling Green, OH
2000 Advanced Painting Studies, Studio Arts Centers International. Florence, Italy


2010 "TBA" October 2010 RePop NY. Brooklyn, NY
2008 “New Paintings and Collaborations” Mad Art Gallery, St. Louis, MO
2007 “Between the Extremes: Ellie Balk”. Tillie’s of Brooklyn. Brooklyn, BY
2007 “Playing Hooky with Ellie Balk” Hovercraft Gallery. Portland, OR
2007 “Hook Ups and Meanderings by Ellie Balk” RePop. Brooklyn, NY
2005 “Thesis Exhibition: Play Time” Pratt Studios Gallery. Brooklyn, NY
2003 “Ellie Balk: 2000-2003” D-Zine Art Studio. St. Louis, MO
2003 “Ellie Balk: Found Spaces” Meshuggah. St. Louis, MO
2002 “Mapping Memory” Wankelman Gallery. Bowling Green,OH


2010 "92nd St. Y Art Center Faculty Exhibition" New York, NY
2009 “Brooklyn Utopias?” Old Stone House and Brooklyn Historical Society.
2009 “SONYA Studio Stroll” Village @ Gureje. Brooklyn, NY
2009 “Represent Brooklyn” TRA Gallery. Brooklyn, NY
2008 “Rebirth” Village @ Gureje. Brooklyn, NY
2007 “92nd St. Y Art Center Faculty Exhibition” New York, NY
2006 "92nd St. Y Art Center Faculty Exhibition" New York, NY
2005 “M.F.A. Annual Exhibition" Pratt Manhattan. New York, NY
2005 “Point of Departure” 111 Front Street. Brooklyn, NY
2005 “NoHo Art Walk” 666 Broadway. New York, NY
2004 “White Box Local 525” The Annex. New York, NY
2004 “NYU & Pratt Institute” NYU Gallery. New York, NY


2010 "Idle Time/Busy Mind" NurtureArt. Brooklyn. Curator Educator Juan Morel Campos
2008 “Doll Neighborhood”. Village @ Gureje - Renate Albertsen-Marton Space
2003 “Crescendo”. Art Coop Loft. St. Louis, MO
2002 “Way of the Well Witchers” Liss Barn. Bowling Green, OH


Teaching Artist :: Rotunda Gallery. Brooklyn, NY
Teaching Artist :: 92nd Street Y. New York, NY
Teaching Artist :: Manhattan New School. New York, NY


2010 NYSCA/Brooklyn Arts Council, AIE, LCB Regrant Recipient
2009 NYSCA/Brooklyn Arts Council, AIE, LCB Regrant Recipient
2008 NYSCA/Brooklyn Arts Council, AIE, LCB Regrant Recipient
2008-Present: Board Member: SONYA. Chair: Community Outreach
2008 Fiscal Sponsorship for Community Murals from SONYA
2008 Fiscal Sponsorship for Doll Neighborhood from Brooklyn Arts Council
2008 Grant:: Exhibition Space for Doll Neighborhood: The Village @ Gureje
2008 Puffin Foundation Grant Recipient for You Are Here Community Mural


2009 Myrtle and Hall Street. Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.
Collaborative Community Mural on Temporary Construction Wall (8’ x 90’) with Myrtle Ave. Revitalization Project and South of the Navy Yard Artists.

2009 Livable Streets Pavement Mural. Ft. Green, Brooklyn
St. Edwards Street and Myrtle Ave. Collaborative Community Mural designed and implemented with the community on the Pavement in front of Community Roots Charter School with Livable Streets Initiative.

2009 Green School High School: East Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Local Community Mural Paintings for inside Installation. Students mapped out their neighborhood and showed research of both sustainable and problematic issues in their school neighborhood. Rotunda Gallery

2009 Charles O. Dewey: Middle School 136 Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Indoor America map mural about discovery. 6’ x 16’. Rotunda Gallery

2009 William Gaynor Middle School: IS 49, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn Legacy Project: Stained Glass and Tile Community Project. Rotunda Gallery.

2009 Juan Campos Middle School: I. S. 71, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Constructing Change Through Language: Finding our Persuasive Power: From Political to personal. Varied Installation. ESP Partnership Grant Through Rotunda Gallery.

2009 We are Here: Charles O. Dewey Middle School 136, Sunset Park, Brooklyn. 3rd Ave and 40th Street. Community Mural Painting on side wall of school with collaboration from Buendia Productions. LCB Grant.

2008 You Are Here: Tillie’s Community Mural Project.
Ft. Greene/Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Vanderbilt Ave at Dekalb Ave. Puffin Foundation Grant and Local Support. 10” Round

2008 Global Community Mural: Satellite III: MS 103, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.
Gates Ave. and Downing Street. 8” round on wood. LCB Grant

2008 Juan Morel Campos Middle School, IS 71, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
ELA Partnership Project: Realistic Fiction Panels for install. 8’ x 5’. Rotunda Gallery

2008 MS 88, Sunset Park, Brooklyn
Public art installation around circulation desk in Library “Your Brain is Wider than the Sky”. We learned about brain neurons and created a mural that depicted dendrites as trees against a Brooklyn skyline. Rotunda Gallery.

2007 William Gaynor Middle School: IS 49, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Global Community Mural on Temporary wall in school. The mural as a whole connects micro to macro and creates a visual representation of our connectedness to our Global Community. 8’ round. Rotunda Gallery

2007 Juan Morel Campos Middle School, IS 71: East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
West African Adinkra Mural, a quilt-like installation that engages community story telling. Work on view at Campos Gallery and Kids Art at Rotunda Gallery. Permanently installed at front desk. 6’ x 6’. Rotunda Gallery

2007 (temporary mural, 2006): St. James Block Part Mural.
Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. St. James Place, Between Green and Gates. Collaborative Community Mural Painting. 8’ x 72’

2006 William Gaynor Middle School: IS49, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn
In an effort to connect the students to their local community, Students helped to create an 8’ x 12’ map/screen of East Williamsburg and a zoomed in picture of the place they call home. This mural was exhibited for an opening at IS. 49, and an Exhibition at Rotunda Gallery in Brooklyn.

2006 Juan Morel Campos Middle School: IS71, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Local Community Mural. Local Map painted on wood screens collaged with cardboard depictions of the place the students call home. 24’ x 6’. Rotunda Gallery.

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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