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Christina Massey
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Sunset Park

ARTIST STATEMENT: Nature has always been very influential in my work and acts as a hidden agenda and representative aspect in my otherwise abstract work. The preservation of our environment and appreciation for nature reveals itself through my choice of materials and form. Be that from recycled found or collected objects to vaguely aerial landscapes or organic shapes that can resemble bugs or floral pods. Each work asks the viewer to stretch their imagination and invites their curiosity in a struggle to identify their marks, engaging in the creative process through the act of exploration of the Art. mixed media art, sculptural painting, contemporary textile, texture painting, woven painting, colorful abstract art, contemporary fiber art, recycled art, repurposed materials,

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Shifts in Perspective: Migrating Viewpoints

June-25-2010 – August-20-2010

Shifts In Perspective: Migrating Viewpoints

Shifts In Perspective: Migrating Viewpoints is a juried exhibition investigating the effects of migration and voluntary/involuntary movement. These global experiences are emotional and life-changing, often causing shifts in perception. Artists are invited to explore these powerful themes in a variety of mediums.

Shifts In Perspective: Migrating Viewpoints is a collaboration between the St. Louis Artists' Guild and Belas Artes.

Opening: Friday, June 25, 2010 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Exhibition Dates: June 25, 2010 - August 20, 2010
Admission: Free and Open to the Public
Juror: Ciléia Miranda-Yuen

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Solo Exhibition of Meat Market at the Taller Boricua Galleries

May-28-2010 – July-10-2010

Taller Boricua Galleries 1680 Lexington Avenue, NYC, N.Y. 10029
t: 212.831.4333 f: 212.831.6274 e:

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 12-6PM, Thursday’s 1-7PM, Closed Sunday -Monday

Directions: 6 Train to 103 Street / Free admission

As a part of Taller Boricua’s 40th anniversary celebration, Christina Massey, Michael Britto, Jessica Lagunas and J. Carpenter will be exhibiting solo shows in the venues galleries.

Taller Boricua / The Puerto Rican Workshop is an artist run non-profit and multidiciplinary space in El Barrio. Their mission is to be a proactive institution for the community in East Harlem by offering programs that stimulate its social, cultural and economic development through the promotion of the arts.

In the installation “Meat Market,” Christina Massey deconstructs and repurposes previous series of her own paintings, literally “butchering” them by cutting and tearing them apart and then rebuilding the pieces into three-dimensional flesh-like forms. Resembling animal carcasses and hung from chains and meat hooks, her pieces reflect the objectification and commoditization of art by both the viewer and the art market wherein commercial value competes with aesthetic experience. Her work also references these effects on artists’ work and their own desire and potential to be “marketable,” where the gallery world can at times project the superficial value judgments of singles bars, also referred to as “meat markets” in popular culture. Massey further explores the concepts of both ownership and authorship as her past works are the medium for future ones, rejecting a linear progression and classification of the traditional definition of a body of work as well as the finality of the finished object of art. “Meat Market” is in constant flux, suspended between painting and sculpture, abstraction and representation as well as the literal and conceptual.

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647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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