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Heddy B. Abramowitz
Jerusalem, Israel,
Neighborhood: Flatbush

ARTIST STATEMENT: Cityscapes Man in the city is a primary focus of my painting. I am interested in seeing the “earthly” Jerusalem as one encounters it in everyday life, the nitty-gritty of the streets people walk on, the vistas of the here and now. An un-pretty urban reality requires breaking the convention of Jerusalem’s image. The geometry of the city structures as they interconnect, the dance of the strong summer light on building facades, or the more subtle interplay of greys in the overcast light of the winter each add another facet to our view of city life. City streets have poetic and often overlooked qualities which provide an alternative version of beauty. Self-Portraits I have a strong interest in figurative painting and work from live models, nude, clothed and portraits. A particular interest is also intro-spective self-portraits; some involve seeing myself through a cracked mirror, while others may include seeing my eyes reflected through a mirror amongst objects from my life, often with subjective symbolism. Photography Street photography, wherever I find myself, is at the center of my interest in photography. Recording the city’s individuality and its quirks as they disappear under the sweep of questionable development projects is a pressing motivation. My eye is pulled to the geometry of simple shapes; the contrasts, both compositional and otherwise; and the faces of everyday life.

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  • Jerusalem City Center, Dusk
    oil on linen
    Long afternoon shadows stretch over the Jaffa Road thoroughfare.

  • Above the Davidka
    oil on Jerusalem stone on board
    A solitary figure gazes over the Davidka Square, which evokes connotations of Israel's War of Independence as well as scenes of terrorism.

  • Towards City Center
    oil on linen
    A city bus cuts into the foreground towards a pedestrian, amidst late day shadows and city geometry.

  • Through Her Mirror
    oil on Jerusalem stone on board
    The artists eyes are reflected through an anachronistic compact seen amongst her contemporary surroundings.

  • So I Remain
    oil on linen
    The artists' image is reflected through a cracked mirror in a contemporary domestic apartment, with makeshift wiring.



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