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Phillip D Elliott
Brooklyn, NY

Media:Painting; Fabric;
Genre:Abstract; Urban;

ARTIST STATEMENT: My process includes examining brick walls and “tags” on different surfaces throughout New York City, they have contributed to my paintings. Wherever possible, I use found or recycled materials in my work. This approach is a little bit greener, and gives me a chance to create value from something that someone else considers rubbish. The entire conversation of value as it relates to things morphs into a discussion about self worth. The need to create as declaration of ability, reason and hope are discussed in every brushstroke. All of my paintings explore complex color relationships. Some of the passages can almost be heard or felt. On the painting labeled URBAN GRAFFITI the metallic gold changes as it glides from one surface to another not unlike paint on brick and mortar surfaces. It illustrates an intricate color texture relationship. The stage where this dance of color occurs is three-dimensional. Ribbons of color, sharp angles and sumptuous curves create space. The surfaces of the canvases have a graffiti based biomorphic abstraction as a part of their aesthetic. These paintings retain a graffiti feel while making modern and classical references. Sometimes it is as simple as choosing the opposite color on the color wheel. In other instances it might be hours on the computer reviewing

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  • Stain
    Plywood,Collage,Paint   5' x 30"
    The visual result of the curved wood has a tactile element to it. The rigid plywood undulates in a way that supports the bold shameless colors of this painting. A variety of paints and paint applicati

  • Sense
    Plyywood, door hinge,fabric,paint
    There are some places where paint is poured on to and in to the simulated brick wall. Those passages have a sense of control rather than a sense of splatter. The hinge allows the painting to bend and

    Canvas,Paint,Fabric   (7'x 7' x 5')
    (7'x 7' x 5') Painting on canvas. - Acrylic Paint, Oil Paint Spray Paint & Pigment, w/ collaged fabric. Depth of 8 inches This painting retains a graffiti feel while making modern

  • URBAN GRAFFITI (detail)
    Canvas,fabric,paint   (7'x 7' x 5')
    (7'x 7' x 5') Painting on canvas. - Acrylic Paint, Oil Paint Spray Paint & Pigment, w/ collaged fabric. Depth of 8 inches This painting retains a graffiti feel while making modern

  • D
    Canvas ,Paint,Aluminum,Wood   (4.5'x 4.5' x 4.5')
    D (4.5'x 4.5' x 4.5') depth of 8 inches Painting on canvas. - An asymmetrical construction gives the canvas its sensual curves. The dynamic shape allows the viewer to see through the c

  • More of me in the Studio than there is behind the camera
    Spray Paint,Canvas   (4'x 4' x 4') depth 6 of inches
    This painting has a soft lyrical flow. It gently rests on the ground outside my studio. The photograph contains a self portrait in shadow form. The painting points toward the Studio and suggests that

  • Untitled

  • I
    Paint,Canvas   (6'x 6' x 58'')
    I (6'x 6' x 58'') depth of 8 inches Painting on canvas. Acyclic Paint, Oil Paint Spray Paint & Pigment. Biomorphic abstraction combines with shape, giving birth to color in th

  • Play

  • Sex, Loss and Pain
    Painting on canvas   79'' x 5.5'
    P (79'' x 5.5') Painting on canvas Acrylic Paint, Oil Paint, & Pigment. Life, death, movement, sex, loss and pain are all represented in this autobiographical moment in time. 2007

  • Ornesha On My Mind
    2008   7'x 66''
    Painting on canvas Acrylic Paint, Oil Paint Spray Paint,Pigment & Collage

  • Home Sweet Home

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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