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Kevin Mc Dowell
Bronx, NY
Neighborhood: East New York

ARTIST STATEMENT: If one were to ask what type of artist I consider my self or describe my style I would say that I am an eclectic visualist. This is because as an artist I’m always looking for new discovery and I create a variety of work from a traditional contemporary, modern to a digital tech style. I feel that artist like musician become categorized because it is easier for some one to market and package what you do. Picasso for an example is known as the master Cubist, but that’s not all of what he accomplished. I have been drawing since the age of five as long as I remember I always had a definitive interest for images, especially animation Sci-Fi and Godzilla movies. Glued to the television at this tender age, oblivious to its influences, I would have never guessed that these childhood interests would spark my artistry as an adult. I received my B.F.A from the School of Visual Arts in New York in 1988 but didn’t come out on to the art scene until 1990. This may have been contributed to the fact that after completing my study at a prestigious four year art school, I felt the need to invent my self. Between the two years after finishing college I began to explore the nuances of visual art with more precision. During time off from work I would stroll through the galleries of SoHo were I could rethink about my creative processes, technique and genre. Art school was good for what it offered and I realized that the mechanisms there were geared towards a commercial output of art. This is were I pick up some business sense to the art world. Before my exposure I would freelance in the industry as an artist. I had assisted well accomplished artist Bill Charmatz with illustrated presentations for the accounting firm Price Waterhouse in 1985 and assisted designers at Corporate Annual Reports in New York. My experience landed me a position as a production assistant in 1987 for Alvin H. Perlmutter, producer of the Emmy Award winning show ADAM SMITHS’ MONEY WORLD for PBS Television in New York. With accomplishments in the industry one factor lingered in my mind as an artist. The lacking opportunities for free creative expression almost didn’t exist in my world. My debut as an artist was at an Expo at the Javits Center in New York in 1990 where I had gone by my artist name (KEM). I premiered my art work in the form of buttons and wearable art sportswear. I then realized that there was a market for my work with its style of vivid colors and animated expressions. In 1992, I attended the Print shop of master printer Bob Blackburn, where I studied the basics of lithography and block printing. I have done well with Gallery showcases in the south particularly in the state of Georgia where I resided for five years between 1996 to 2001 and had relocated back to my home town of Brooklyn New York in 2001. At this point in my career, I shifted my gears somewhat towards the realm of education and became a visual arts instructor in New York City public schools. In 1999 I founded Artizfacts Visual Arts Specialist, A small visual arts Communications vehicle which strives on the premise of conveying thought provoking concepts through the means of creative expression and multi-media. My future plans include opening my own gallery, completing my independent animated film project that is currently in production and to continue my plan as an art instructor.

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