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Sherry Davis
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Kensington

ARTIST STATEMENT: I’m drawn toward capturing the moment in time, my effort to make sense of rapid change. I make many glazed ceramic tile paintings because I enjoy the tactile quality of tile, the rhythm imposed on an artwork by dividing it into units, and the challenges of working with an unpredictible medium. These pieces tend to be heavy and fragile, but that's part of the fun. I also paint and draw, using tape for lines and divisions, and make multi-dimensional pieces using found and created objects. My art education and experience includes undergraduate studies at Brooklyn College, with additional courses at New York Academy of Art, School of Visual Arts, Hunter College, the Manhattan Graphics Center and Urban Glass, as well as past professional experience with computer-based production.

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Sherry Davis

283 East 5th Street, 2B
Brooklyn, NY 11218
718-633-4154 (home)

Awards and Exhibitions

02.16 Scholarship, Urban Glass, Brooklyn

11.15 Limestone Realty (Windsor Terrace) display, Greenwood Bridge

11.15 Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC), AccessArt Benefit, Auction

7-11.15 Brooklyn Commune, Local Life show

07.15 Community-Word Project, Teaching Artist Training & Internship Program

06.15 Arts@Renaissance/St. Nicks Alliance, Gem Store show

11.14 Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC), AccessArt Benefit, Auction

10.14 Staff Artist, Featured Artist of the Month

5-8.2013 Scholarship, Manhattan Graphics Center, Silkscreening

5.2013 SAW Initiative Bay Ridge Installation, Bay Ridge Bakery

12.2012 Times Square Art Square,NY
Pledge-a-Sketch, Charity Art Show

9.2012 GO Contest, Brooklyn Museum
Weekend open house, art show

6.2012 CAMBA (Flatbush BID) Uncover Church Avenue Initiative
Mural, Iglesia Pentacostal Church roll-down gate

6.2012 Art Day, Kensington Garden
Originator, Organizer

2.2012 Saint Josephs College
There’s a Story Here group show

6.2011 Rubys Bar, Coney Island
Organizer, Curator Artists Day Out

2011 Park Slope Jewish Center, Capital Campaign
Art, design, decorative elements

10.2010 Brooklyn Art Space
Gentrification group show
Brooklyn Artists Gym Gentrification, Juried Show December 2010
Brooklyn Academy of Music Competition, The Sound of Brooklyn February 2009
Program Cover, Lobby Exhibition
Connecticut Muffin Exhibition March-May 2008
Cocoa Bar Exhibition September-October 2006
BWAC* Exhibitions 2003-present

Brooklyn College
Dean’s List

Art education
mostly autodidact, with academic scaffolding from the following:
School of Visual Arts Children’s Book Illustration Winter-Spring 2009
New York Academy of Art Oil Painting Spring 2008
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens Watercolor Spring 2006
Hunter College Oil Painting, Printmaking Winter 1985-86
Brooklyn College Drawing, Life-Drawing, Art History 1977-1980

Extensive employment as a ‘desktop artist,’ doing production work, computer-based illustrations and graphics on a number of publications and other printed materials, using the mac and the pc. Sherry has taken advanced courses in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Stamp&Stencil (w/acrylic) 1999-2002
Urban Archaelogy (I) (drawn from life) watercolor) 2003-2004
Botanicals (watercolor) 2004-2007
Reflection (objects of importance) (watercolor, ink) 2007-2009
Urban Archaelogy (II) (ceramic tile, acrylic paint) 2007-2011
Commentary (claybord, ink, watercolor, paint) 2011 onward

*Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition 2003-present
Children’s Book Illustration Group (CBIG) 2009-present

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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