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Carla E. Reyes
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Greenpoint

ARTIST STATEMENT: Carla E. Reyes is a painter and mixed media collage artist who creates low relief, sculptural and textural paintings. She is interested in the process of art making as a primitive and visceral experience; a ritualistic compulsion shared by humankind since its origins. She is visually inspired by the colors and textures of nature, early works of art and decoration, and the interaction between natural and man-made surfaces. Through texture, abstract form, and image, she explores and alludes to the fundamental elements and mysteries of nature and existence: impermanence, decay, regeneration, birth, growth, history, archeology and spirituality. Carla creates representational as well as abstract images- visualizing a particular form or motif, but allowing the creative process and chosen materials to dictate the end result. Collage materials may include branches, leaves, sand, and pebbles, among others. She enjoys working on the floor; creating a more physical interaction with the work, and also builds her own handmade shaped canvases.

“My work is about the physical need to create, to know we are real through the manifestation of what we experience into a tangible substance with a context. The natural elements are used as a way to physically connect with our purest origins. Reconnecting with nature – however contrived, or limited, can bring us closer to an inner truth. The textures engage the artist as well as the viewer in a sensory experience. Our existence is evidenced through our senses.

I create groupings of works in organic evolving series. Though different, they all share an interest in surface texture, explore a variety of traditional and unconventional materials, and respond to themes of nature and human existence. Artistic influences can range from indigenous art forms, to historical movements, to contemporary art; depending on the works and their intentions. Research and reading can play a part where deeper understanding is needed, as well as the collection of reference materials. Other works are more spontaneous and intuitive, driven by the hands-on process, over concept.”

Carla E. Reyes is a professional fine and decorative artist, exhibiting and selling her artwork in NYC and along the East Coast in commercial galleries, non-profit, and alternative spaces, since 2000. She received her B.F.A. in Restoration and Fine Arts, and her Color Specialist certification, from F.I.T., NYC. Carla also works as a decorative interior finisher, theater scenic artist, muralist, and art educator. Carla’s artwork has been featured in a variety of publications and media including The New York Times, The New York Daily News, BBC World News, The Queens Chronicle, and more. Her work has been represented by Raandesk Gallery of Art in NYC, and Leche Vitrines Art Alliance in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Carla currently works out of her studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Her complete portfolio can be viewed at:


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647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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