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Eileen Hoffman
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Park Slope

ARTIST STATEMENT: Pink is a color wildly misused by the media to symbolize and sell a false notion of femininity. My room growing up was pink—the walls, furniture and fabric. I didn’t have the words then to be angry at sexism. My current work channels these emotions and meditates and reflects upon what the color pink has come to mean to me and to girls growing up this culture—both the beauty and oppressiveness the color can signify. These pieces are built with chenille craft stems and fabric. I stain the craft stems to create a wide palette and the fabric is hand painted. This enables me to control pattern and color, and infuse it with my personal iconography. I have devised my own knotting and weaving system, which allows me to combine these materials to create large, complex images. The pattern, texture and repetition, so prominent in my current artwork, can be traced back to my involvement with textiles as a young person. At that time, I was deeply engaged with knitting, embroidery, crocheting and weaving. In retrospect, these crafts helped me understand the intense level of energy, emotion and intelligence that people (mostly women) poured into their projects. Since then, I have been interested in the emotional qualities that pattern and repetition can bring to a work of art. I want to make visible the hidden intelligence and inner worlds that can exist within the textile arts.

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Eileen Hoffman is a sculptor and installation artist who lives and works in Brooklyn,
New York. She received a BS from Skidmore College, from which she graduated with
honors, and an MFA in textiles and sculpture from Indiana University. Her art has been
included in solo exhibitions and numerous group shows throughout the United States,
most recently at the Hudson Opera House, Hudson, NY; Johnson & Johnson, New
Brunswick, NJ; Belger Arts Center, Kansas City, MO; and 440 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
Her honors include the Artist in the Marketplace program at the Bronx Museum and the
New Jersey Council on the Arts Grant.

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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