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Hans-Bernd Zimmermann
Brooklyn, NY
Website: http://

ARTIST STATEMENT: I come to drawing and painting after a long journey in public service, mainly for the social betterment, empowerment and physical improvement of disenfrachised communities in New York City. My art work therefore is still relatively young. As an astute observer of politics in our society and during my public service career I found myself often amazed by the prevalence of ignorance, man's potential for deception and evil on the one hand, and his capacity for spirituality, beauty, resilience and compassion on the other. Against this background of contradictions and experiences I look at my own life, including its shortcomings and demons while trying to explore what the process of learning and aging is teaching me. I escape into nature to commune with myself in order to find harmony and then realize that survival is an ongoing fight there too, except it seems less contrived as it is apparently out of consciousness. There I often succeed in getting in touch with the fact that distance , both in time and space, heals and nurtures and reestablishes my sense of being and balance as well as of the miracles of life. I have lived exclusively in western civilizations but have reached out for inspiration and guidance into the thinking, mythologies and beliefs of other cultures. I am informed by travel, politics, books, music, film, personal relationships and strive to settle in the depth of my own self as a source of strength. In my paintings and drawings, be they portraits, landscapes or allegorical images I try to express what I see and feel about people, society and nature in furtherance of my understanding of life and its cycle as well as my own growth and spirituality.

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  • My Cabin at Lost Lake
    Oil on Canvas   1 x 20 in. (45,7 x 61 cm)

  • Cabin at Lost Lake
    Oil on Canvas   20" x 24"
    Landscape of a cabin in the woods in Putnam County New York

  • Old Farm in Putnam County
    Oil on Canvas   20" x 24"
    An old farm on Route 22 before it disappeared because of sprawl and development

  • Early Morning at Lost Lake
    Oil on Canvas   20" x 24"
    A morning scene Lost Lake in Putnam County with mist rising

  • Images of Sarkau (Lesnoj) at the Baltic Sea
    Oil on Canvas   22" x 28"
    Painted after a trip to the Kalingrad Oblast in Russia

  • The Hay Harvest
    Oil on Canvas   26 1/2" x 45 1/2"
    This paintings is after Julien Dupre's "La Recolte des Foins"

  • Machismo, Sex, War
    Oil on Canvas   36' x 36'
    Violence during war with rape (male or female) being used as a weapon for degradation by the victor.

  • The Weeping Women of Kosovo
    Oil on Canvas   30" x40"
    Reliving childhood experiences during recent wars on the Balkan

  • Forces Beyond Us
    Oil on Canvas   30 x 30 in. (76,2 x 76,2 cm)

  • Omen for the Millenium
    Oil on Canvas   30" x 40"
    At the turn of the Millenium: Man's future on earth is decided on the decision he makes between wisdom and ignorance. The columns representing the five continets, the owl symbolizing wisdom or da

  • Odin's Cildren - Day chasing Night
    Oil on Canvas   36" x 48"
    Light is brought from East to West. Day, Odin's son in the Germanic/Nordic Mythololgy brings light to the planet in pursuit of his sister Night.

  • The Dance in Life
    Oil on Canvas   24" x 36"
    Surrounded by judgement between "good and evil" man has to define his own space for personal growth and freeedom. With or like the (naive) jester he moves on to wisdom represented by the Mag

  • Pieta
    Oil on Canvas   9" x12"
    A symbol of wisdom, tranquilty and serenity.

  • Conversation with Rick
    Oil on Canvas   24 x 24 in. (61 x 61 cm)

  • Brandin
    Charcoal   18" x 24"
    A live drawing

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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