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Constance Van Rolleghem
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Fort Greene

ARTIST STATEMENT: Words are everywhere. They can be a snapshot of our lives, or give sense to a particular moment. Our identity is connected to the way we express ourselves with words - but they are too often used as proof of our knowledge and intelligence - they serve us perfectly at certain times and betray us desperately at others. Through the years I have looked for unconventional ways to communicate with words. I focus on the rhythm, patterns and shapes of words as opposed to their actual meanings - like listening to the music of a language you don't understand. I choreograph these word forms into 'Scriptograms'™ and 'Photoscripts'™ which are ambidextrous, gestural writings that neutralize, as much as possible, a dominant writing movement, so as to prevent us from falling back on a literal interpretation of the actual word meanings. With my 'Scriptograms'™, my hands follow the rhythm of the dip pen or brush, caressing and tearing the many levels of the paper. My work aims to reveal a stratification of time by juxtaposing both transparent and opaque realities that are open to a different interpretation or reading. At first I would like the viewers to follow a reading pattern that plays with their automatic need to decodify a text, and then offer a deeper, personal interpretation to the realities and physical form that exists outside the assigned, or learned meanings of the words and texts. My 'Photoscripts'™ are a recent evolution of the most abstract sense of writing, taken from my painting restoration experience where figuration is composed of many, individual abstract details - where each part is, by itself, the physical trace of a single moment or gesture. My photographs 'Moments' are a search for the traces of time and an unspoken language within the world around us. A mark, or a sign, from an action on a surface for example, creates a recording, or a message that can be interpreted by our understanding of the meanings and codes of this new and abstract language. My installations are multi-sensorial environments formed by many planes of suspended paper 'Scriptograms'™. One passes through these and can literally sense and touch the writings while listening to the sound of writing; a recording of physical instances.

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Constance van Rolleghem


Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Bruxelles.

Diplome de l'Enseignement Artistique Superieur de plein exercise du deuxieme degre.

4 year diploma in artistic drawing

Thesis: "History of writing in art, as a support for personal inspiration" | 1980 – 1985

Studio Danielle Pierot

Two year study of 16th -18th century painting restoration, Brussels Belgium | 1984 – 1986

Université Libre de Bruxelles

One year independent study in Art History | 1979 – 1980


'Grande Distinction'

Honored for works completed at the Academie des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium | 1985


•Photoscripts: Snapshots of Ephemeral Moments – Journey, Dumbo, New York | 2012

•Scriptograms: Rivers of Thought – Saffron, Brooklyn, New York | 2012

•T.O.A.S.T., Group Show, Tribeca open artist’s studio tour, New York | 2010

•Belgian Artist group show at the Lincoln Center, New York, New York | 2002

•Group Show “Vrijverhof“, Brussels, Belgium | April 1999

•Itinerant Group Show " Belgische Kunstenaars in America " | Jan 1998

•Outdoor Show organized by Nathalie Beeckman Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium | Sep 1995

•Solo Show, Générale de Banque - Generale Bank, Brussels, Belgium | June 1995

•Group Show, Nathalie Beeckman Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium | Jan – March 1995

•"8 Belgian Artists Living in New York City", 'Z' Gallery, New York, New York | March - April 1993

•Group Show, Art Wall + B Gallery, Rutherford, New Jersey | Dec 1992

•The Rope Show, Group Show, Artists Space, New York, New York | April 1992

•Solo Exposition, "L'Autre Musée", Brussels, Belgium | Sep - Oct 1991

•Group Show, Art Wall + B Gallery, Rutherford, New Jersey | Dec - Feb 1991

•Solo Exposition, Galerie l'Oeil, Brussels, Belgium | Nov 1990

•"Material Evidence" Group Show, Luise Ross Gallery,50 West 57th Street, New York, New York | Sep 1990

•"Encre Intimidante" Solo Exposition, Galerie l'Oeil, Brussels, Belgium | Sep 1989

•"Bilan/Prospective" Group Exposition, Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium | Oct 1989

•"Biennale Jeunes Talents '88", Musée des Beaux-Arts, Cherleroi, Belgium | Sep 1988

•"Hendeka" Group Exposition, Galerie Bortier, Brussels, Belgium | Oct 1985

•"La Maison de Papier" Installation, Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium | June 1985


•Belgian Tourist Office, 780 Third Avenue, New York City

•ABN AMRO Bank, 359 Madison Avenue, New York City

•Bertha Urdang


2017; Co-chair for Museum Access Consoritum (MAC). Since 2015; steering committee member to support transition in the autistic spectrum and augmentative technology.

2016 - Consultant to the Whitney with Ysolde Stienon for staff training to address the needs of disabled patrons

Since 2008; Consulting in Art education and Art Making for special needs children and adults in Museums promoting accessibility, education and technology, specializing in the Autistic Spectrum and Non-Verbal communication.

2013 Assistive Technology advisor to Met - Parson Museum Accessibility class

2012 ASEC Art in Special Education Consortium Think Tank

2011 co- founder of the “Blue Sky Girls” annual program for Girls with Rett Syndrome

2011 Participant in Inclusive Technology at Teachers College

2010 Consultation with MOMA access program about art education for Children with Special Education

2008 Speaker at the seminar “Perspective on Autism” organized by Museum Consortium Access at the Met

2008 Consultation with Educational and Assistive Technology and consultant to the Rett Clinic at Montefiore Children’s Hospital through the Rethink Education Therapy Technology.


•“Trois Jeunes Artistes Belges” Art & Culture,Mrs.Marie-Noëlle Wasseige | Feb 1995

•“Télé-Bruxelles” Television interview | Feb 1995

•"Ecritures" L'Echo de la Bourse, Mr. Stephane Rey | Sep 1991

•"Constance van Rolleghem" Le Soir, Mr. Paul Caso | Nov 1990

•"Constance van Rolleghem" Le Drapeau Rouge, Mrs Nardon | Nov 1990

•"Art Bruxelles" Arts Antiques Auctions | Nov 1990

•"Sonate a Kreutzer" Je Vais Construire, Mr Roegiest| Nov 1990

•"Artistes Belges a l'Etranger" Arts Antiques Auctions, Ms. Tomaszewski | Oct 1990

•"Reecrire les Mots" Le Monde Medical, Mr. Herve LeSichem| Sep 1989

•"A la Galerie l'Oeil" Femmes d'Aujourd'hui, Mrs. Jarry | Sep 1989

•"Galerie d'Art: du Souvenir a l'Ecriture" Le Soir, Mr. Caso | Sep 1989

•"De l'Ecriture en Art a l'Art de l'Ecriture" Le Drapeau Rouge, Mrs. Nardon | Sep 1989

•"Les Scriptogrammes" L'Echo de la Bourse, Mr Rey | Sep 1989


647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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