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Cooper A Holoweski
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Bushwick

ARTIST STATEMENT: My work is an investigation into the support structures of our everyday lives. What are the unseen forces that drive our global economy and how do they affect / reflect us on a personal level? I explore the faith we have placed in economic theories and financial systems through imagery and text that references advertising, infrastructure, religion, and faith. As a native of Detroit, Michigan, images of infrastructure and machinery carry a particular resonance with me. In my work the machine is simultaneously a stand-in for the figure and an icon of modernity, rationalism, and the global economy. The narrative of my machine is one of fallible logic that is both personal and globally systemic. The machine is consistently over-extending itself, stacking unsustainably, and, with the re-assertion of gravity and our faith tested, the machine collapses only to rebuild itself once again. We expand and contract, build up and break down, we strive for rational perfection only to more deeply provoke the irrational. Our greatest triumphs and our greatest faults are reflected in our inventions and magnified in our global systems.

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Engine Brain Box is a video short that address the relationship between the 'maker' and the 'made.' Referencing the utopian vision of post-WWII industrial America the self-constructing engine becomes a symbol of capital as author. The construct in-turn refracts upon and molds the constructor. This theme of mimesis is expounded upon by the media used to construct this piece through a progression from the direct, hand-drawn animation of the brain to the heavily manipulated computer-generated 3D model of an engine. Additionally, the sound of this video is generated by harmonizing electronic feedback, a process by which an amplifier emits a sound that is picked up by a microphone that in turn re-amplifies the same sound.

Growing up in Detroit, Michigan I have come to see the automobile engine as more than a utility for getting us from point A to point B. This complex machine of gears is an organism with a metabolism and independent destiny. The automobile engine represents a human, it represents a global economic system, it represents an inescapable closed circuit into which we have placed our faith.

Lazarus Machine ever reborn.

"Entropy Machine" is a stop-motion animation addressing the development of infrastructure as well as its demise. During the three minutes of the piece, a loose narrative unfolds in which a structure is imagined, built, and grown upon itself. As time passes the structure becomes less and less sustainable until its eventual collapse.


647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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