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Angelo Bellobono
Brooklyn NY, NY
Neighborhood: Williamsburg

ARTIST STATEMENT: From the very beginning of his career, Angelo Bellobono has always placed humanity and the territory at the centre of his artistic research, stressing the difficult relations of belonging and identity, understood not simply in the socio-cultural sense but also in a biological sense. The mechanisms by which biochemistry translates into behaviours and emotions is the thread running through all his paintings, videos and performances, taking the emphasis away from the presumed spirituality animating human existence. His portraits thus convey a sense of dramatic irony, lost in a blinding whiteness or in a dark sea of crude oil, at once liquid and solid, conceptually unstable and temporary, dependent on their chemical sense of biological precariousness. They reveal the constant efforts made to seek out an identity and a place in which to belong, a constant freezing and unfreezing of hidden or denied existences and of an ideal well-being. Bellobono gives form and consistency to a sampler of emotions experienced by all human beings; in his most recent works, which also probe the drive to immigrate, this investigation once again combines painting with performance and video art.

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Solo exhibition
2010 “Eastside – The journey” Biasa Artspace, Semyniak, Bali, Indonesia
2009 “Low Life Wellbeing Center_Bunker House” curated by Alessandro Facente, Changing Role Gallery, Napoli
2009 “Lower east life” curated by Serena Trizzino – Envoy Gallery, New York
2008 “Chist’ è o’ paese d’o’ sole” curated by Alessandro Facente – Fondazione Volume L’Union, Rome
2006 “Temporary Civilization” curated by Francesca Franco - Galleria Il Sole artecontemporanea, Rome
2006 “Consolato italiano a Londra” Winner Premio Celeste 2005
2006 “Futuro Presente Primordiale” curated by Gianluca Marziani - Galleria Artsinergy, Bologna
2005 “Osservatorio Bellobono” curated by Alessio Verzenassi – Galleria il Sole artecontemporanea, Rome
2004 “Recruitment” curated by Lorenzo Canova - Galleria Altri lavori in corso, Rome
2003 “Body Life Program” curated by Lorenzo Canova – Studio d’Arte Fedele, Monopoli
2003 “Extrasistole e Pace Maker” curated by Raffaele Gavarro – DAG Art Gallery, Livorno
2002 "Aria Compressa" curated by Ludovico Pratesi and Lorenzo Canova, Casa Pratesi, Rome
2001 "Cardiofrequenze" curated by Lorenzo Canova - Palestra Linea, Rome
1999 "Chair lift" RAP, San Diego, CA, USA
1996 "Tromperie" Centre Henri Oreillier, Val D'Isère, France
1996 "Fragment and Contamination" Centre de Congrès, Val D'Isère, France
1995 "Meeting in America" Galleria Spagnolo, San Diego, CA, USA

Group exhibition
2010 “Under italian eyes” Museum of modern art – Cairo - Egypt
2010 “Impresa Pittura” curated by Raffaele Gavarro and Claudio Libero Pisano, CIAC Centro Internazionale per l’Arte Contemporanea Castello Colonna Genazzano (Roma)
2010 Artefiera “Artfirst”, Galleria Changing Role, Bologna
2009 “Titled/Untitled” curated by Alberto Dambruoso and Micol Di Veroli, Wunderkammern, Rome
2009 “Kunstart Bolzano artfair” ArtMbassy Berlin, Bolzano
2009 “The road to contemporary art” Changing Role Gallery, Palazzo Venezia, Rome
2009 “I_D Intersecting identities” curated by Dominique Lora – Halles de Saint Gery, Bruxelles
2009 “Incroci” curated by Lorenzo Canova - Open space arte contemporanea, Catanzaro
2009 “Artefiera art first” Changing Role Gallery - Bologna
2009 “Gustovagando” curated by Simona Cresci and Lina Calenne - Macro FUTURE, Rome
2008 “Ambientarti” curated by Davide Sarchioni and Cristina Antonini - Palazzo dei Priori, Viterbo
2008 “Young blood” Opera Gallery, New York
2008 XV Quadriennale di Roma – Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome
2008 “Viaggio sul nastro di Mobius” curated by Micol Di Veroli - Galleria Dora Diamanti, Rome
2008 “Experimenta” Farnesina Collection Ministero degli Esteri, Rome
2007 “Nove” curated by Lorenzo Canova – Galleria Smac contemporanea, Rome
2007 “La Bellezza del Mondo” curated by Lorenzo Canova – Giamaartstudio, Vitulano (BN)
2007 “Paesaggi Metropolitani” curated by Giorgia Calò – Museo laboratorio La Sapienza, Rome
2007 “Ficci Frame festival” Renaissance Hotel, New Delhi, India
2007 “OnThe Edge of Vision” curated by Lorenzo Canova - Victoria memorial hall Calcutta - Museum of Modern art Mumbay and New Delhi, India
2006 ”Art Territory” curated by Simona Cresci and Dominique Lora - Centrale Montemartini, Rome
2006 ”O mia cara trementina” Romberg arte contemporanea, Latina
2006 ”Pittura elettrica curated by Lorenzo Canova - Giamaartstudio, Vitulano (BN)
2006 “Feedback” curated by Massimo Sgroi and Vulcano art gallery, Caserta
2005 “5 Numero da Circo per Circonudo” by Andrea Bezziccheri, texts by Francesca Franco - Casa del Cinema, Rome
2005 ”Pasolini e Roma” curated by Lorenzo Canova and Enzo Siciliano - Museo di Roma in Trastevere, Rome
2005 “Winner Premio Celeste” Final show at Magazzini del sale, Siena
2005 “TEC“curated by Alessio Verzenassi and Manuela Annibali – Scuderie Aldobrandini, Frascati
2005 “Unmediated” curated by Matteo Basilè – Galleria Tossi, Firenze

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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