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Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Williamsburg

ARTIST STATEMENT: Kirkdify is an internet video performance artist. I have had work featured at Mobius Gallery in Boston, on channel MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network), and most recently as part of the Gender Odyssey Conference: We Made This Road By Walking. I also recently finished a manifesto for which can be read here:

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Slaves to the Dehumanizing Forces of Our Oppression

At Least You Can Breathe

short film

the tallest hooker on earth

Kirkdify performed this piece in the East Village at PS 122, a performance art space co-founded by Tim Miller who is also responsible for organizing the workshop of which this performance was a part. Knead was first performed, in December 2010, by a group of 16 artists.


makething183v2 is compiled from my YouTube channel: kirkdify. Recorded during a very significant time in my emerging adulthood, it represents my first three months of work as a YouTube video performance artist. I make these videos out of a necessity to create, perform, and explore new possibilities. My goal is to acquire cultural capital, that I may continue making art. My project is to document my life as an artist, the reality and the truth. My videos are made on Mac computers. I create the music using garageband; almost every scene is captured via webcam. The epiphany that so many people possessed such a powerful tool inspired a simple manifesto: make things. This lead to the preservation of a time and place which I believe is important. I consider myself a performance artist. Though important traditions are lost in this medium, I attempt to preserve the spirit of performance: the live moment, the significance of an audience, and the irreplicable emergence of new experiences, forms, narratives and ways of being.

This video was made for the Guggenheim / YouTube Play Contest. It is intended to be displayed in exhibit, preferably in a gallery projected on a large white wall. It was intended to be exactly 10 minutes: the limit of time allowed. In addition to what it means to you and as such, it is meant to express a point of view about language, experience, art, specifically video performance art, the philosophy of performance and ethics - the face to face


647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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