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Mona Saeed Kamal
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Williamsburg

ARTIST STATEMENT: My practice stems from my origins that are rooted in the Indian subcontinent and my migratory up bringing - born in Algeria, raised in Canada and currently residing in New York. I engage in video and installation to create multi-media narratives about migration, journeys, and identities. Through questioning religion, conflict and borders I create stories that directly confront my personal experiences and also the lives of people living in the many cultures that I lay claim to. This is done through gathering family stories, historical artefacts, reading contemporary texts and utilizing my own personal experience I continuously weave a story of migration, culture, nationalism and belonging. Within in my installations I construct structures by utilizing materials such as, bricks, plaster, wood and textiles. To complete the puzzle of my story of migration I incorporate objects that originate from the places to which I lay claim into my work. I have used grasses from Northern Ontario, sand from India and old family photographs. The materials and the process used within my work is symbolic to my ongoing attempt to identify my place of belonging. My videos are performative in which I am the main character, I am seen in the video or I am holding the camera while “performing”. These pieces focus on issues dealing with being a woman of colour in the West, nationalism and how we identify ourselves through borders.

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This video was shot during a visit to Pakistan and India in January 2013. It is actual footage of me crossing the border from Pakistan to India. The border crossing is known as Wagah and it is located in the shared State of Punjab. The crossing has 500 metres of no-mans land in which every visitor must walk to the other country. I shot to this video to create a dialogue about the current conflict between the two countries vs. the shared history and culture. It is also a means to break stereotypes about the conflict that one hears about India and Pakistan through Western media


647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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