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Scott Endsley
Brooklyn, NY
Website: http://
Neighborhood: Dumbo


ARTIST STATEMENT: Artist Statement Scott Endsley Artists make art to destroy and create new worlds. Good art should transform you. I make art to make sense of myself and my world. When I am making art I leave this world and fly. Art should inspire you. Art has its own life. Art should be powerful. Without art you do not have a culture. Art is a life connector. There are very few artists in the world, most people who call themselves artists, are really designers. They make nice designs. However, they do not have a Vision. To be an artist you must be willing to take risks. I want my art to be as powerful as an orgasm. I want orgasms of color shape and line. I want people to be moved when they see my art. I want the same feelings to arise when you see my art, as you would get from a beautiful lover. I begin with a line, that turns into a shape, which takes up space, and begins to make a world of its own. I begin with a known entity, then I try to let new rhythms, and patterns emerge. I begin a dialogue with the material I am working with, and the material begins to speak to me. Lately I have been making sculptures using toy animals, clay resin, on stone. With these pieces I am trying to kill mediocrity with humor. I find the pieces to be funny Art has its own language A language that speaks of truth and beauty. Art is very seductive. Artists are the shamans of a culture. Art can be medicine for pain and loss. Art helps you to heal, art is transformative. My work is influenced by Chitra Neogy, the “long body” Hi Mom and Dad

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  • Shell Woman
    photo- Shell - on stone
    pen and ink on shell with photo and toy eyes on stone

  • Floating City
    pen ink paper resin on board
    Pen and ink in my head city on paper with pured resin on board 25inx25in

  • Love In The Afternoon
    pen in crushed glass resin on wood
    in my head pen and ink drawing on paper with crushed glass resin on board

  • Finding My Way
    pen ink crsuhed glass resin on paper on wood panel
    In My head drawing. I am in a kayak floating on the ocean imagining what is above and below me

  • Dust Surreal
    pen ink crushed glass resin clay screws on wood panel
    Clay figures surround the happenings going on in the center of the piece

  • Tiger Tiger
    toy tigre clay acrlic paint on stone
    toy tiger with moving jaw. His strips echoing around the figure - "ROAR" - To kill mediocracy

  • Rain Cycle
    pen ink water color crushed glass resin on wood panel
    In My head drawing with flickers of orange colored glass

  • The Owl Ride
    stone, resin, acrylic, toy Sportster, toy animals
    This piece is inspired by my purchasing A Harley FXD, and getting in the wind

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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