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Dawn N. Philips
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens

ARTIST STATEMENT: The process of making my work usually begins with taking a photograph but almost never ends there. Pushing photography to its limits, my work might be categorized as "new media." I build installations, alter spaces, perform, record videos and sounds, engage and interact with the viewer, and do whatever it takes to get to what I'm after—something unpredictable and genuine. The foundation of the work comes directly from my own insecurities and anxieties: my obsessive desire to relate, connect, and be understood by others; my need to make myself vulnerable to arrive at my interpretation of truth; and the existential conflict that no experience can ever be completely shared. My concerns about a contemporary culture that relies heavily on an Internet full of misinformation also inform my ideas. How do we reach the kinds of truths I am searching for in this social climate? What does it mean to be human when digital technology has become so much of how we understand ourselves? I have become dependent on the participation of others for my projects to be completed, using themes from the methods of intervention and relational aesthetics, while remaining grounded by photography. For the project "Worn", I placed an ad on the internet asking people to deliver me used stockings with instructions on what I should do with them. These instructions were then turned into action, forcing me to make decisions, testing my own limitations. This instance demonstrates my curiosity in removing the artist as sole creator, making the experience directed by the viewer. I frequently use recontextualization of reality-based and real-time imagery to mimic the distance people have from one another. I strive to offer a feeling of familiarity, often allowing my own development and personal disclosure as a place for others to identify. My hope for my work is for it to exist as part of a definition of photography that is constantly being rewritten- a medium that has been outgrowing it's own boundaries since it's inception.

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647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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